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  1. hello i would have that if you still have it jerry
  2. sounds like you havnt put the gearstick in correct
  3. hello if you hadnt been banned from the lotus site would you have joined this site ?i personaly think its better to keep all this info to your self as we all get a bit off a kick out off finding out the imfo the hard way . so good luck with not getting banned here
  4. dumb fuc£s this county is run by dum as dumb ????? dumer than my dumb ass dog
  5. APART FROM YOUR LISTING FEE - £8.30 to list with £350 reserve for example well i have 3 off these anyone want 1
  6. APART FROM YOUR LISTING FEE - £8.30 to list with £350 reserve for example
  7. i spoke with a guy at a show not long ago he put these marking on when he worked in dag it was it let the guys know the colour code, 1 off the most famous colour codes is on the the mk1 cortins 2A which is for ermine white
  8. hello can some one please help with questsion i got a 200e type 3 box from a siera it is 25mm shorter than the 1500 cc box from 1965 is that the only difference do i lenght the prop or is there another way around this jerry thanks in advance for any help
  9. can u ring me 07836645232
  10. has anyone out there got a fast 1500pre crossflow for sale call j on 07836645232
  11. gungky99

    mk1 breaking

    :thumbup: i am about to cut up a 4 dr mk1 ariflow cortina any boby needing parts please pm me gungky99@yahoo.co.uk reasonalbe prices car is in n ireland but i can deliver anywhere on the m6 m1 around the 4th july free as long as you meet me at a service station
  12. gungky99

    mk1 head lining

    hello can you give a number to get you ref the roof lining j
  13. whichever firm it is will probably neither answer the phone or deliver now before Monday . Worry not delivery firms are often a day late and a day to them means monday delivery if they missed today - plus without tracking info from the seller you probably still wouldnt get an answer even if you got them on the phone! take a chill pill they will turn up sometime whats the rush
  14. does any one on here remember this car as i just bought it .it was exported to ireland and is on a different plate now but i want to put it back on old plate iff dvla will permit
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