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  1. I have. Love that car. I get to see it in June, as we are both competing in Street Weekend.
  2. Mmm, tough one. Generally, too much roll resistance at the front causes understeer, as a front wheel lifts first, whilst too much at the rear causes oversteer, as a rear wheel lifts first.
  3. Twin bars work quite well, and a really simple upgrade. This one is s proper spring steel bar, made by a company that makes anti roll bars and coil springs. I mocked it up out of 13mm copper piping, and then made a drawing from that. The double back bends really pushed them to the limits. I'm using sliggtly cut down stock mounts, relocated to the front, and mounted outside the rails.
  4. Main reason I have gone this route is that I needed to change the angle of the upper balljoint. I'm running pretty low, and the balljoints were running at the limit. After only 6000 miles, that are in a bad state. The roll bar is custom. Designed by me. The standard one wouldn't fit with the V8 sump.
  5. OK, shorter bolts now on order. I'll get it all swapped over before reinstalling the axle.
  6. Upgrade time. Just fitted the adjustable top arms and got it all adjusted. Need to do a sump gasket, then the axle can go back in. Yeah, I know that's a lot of washers. The spherical joints are a lot thinner than the bushes, and I couldn't be bothered making up spacers to be able to use the stock bolts.
  7. 8mpg?! Wow, yeah, that's bad. I get twice that from my V8! Time to chuck the vv in the bin and get a decent carb.
  8. Wow, I didn't realise they were that well supported! Very handy.
  9. Has the forum been updated recently. That can cause a post to be hidden.
  10. Google seems to suggest that the post has been hidden, rather than deleted. But why, how, and by whom?
  11. Ok, it lists an error code when I try to view the post. 2F173K What's that mean?
  12. Why does it say that I don't have permission to see it?
  13. Nope, it's not there. It was my 2 door V8 estate post in the members cars section. Goodness knows how many years worth of build info, spread over 46 pages.
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