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  1. Been a little while since an update. This Sunday just gone, I was at the Ford Show at Santa Pod, and put the Cortina on the strip again. This was the first time since a significant engine upgrade. I am now running a much bigger roller cam, roller rockers, all ARP hardware, different intake, and a high stall torque converter. Knocked almost a whole second off my best time, taking me to 12.99s at 104mph. It just kept pulling. Very happy with the performance. Only thing holding it back now is the tyres. That was still on treaded street tyres, meaning a very careful launch. I'd love to know quite how quick it would go if I could load up the converter on the line and launch it as hard as possible. There are a few videos from the day, though not of the first run, which was ironically the fastest. 1st run, 12.99s @ 104mph 2nd run, 13.4s @ 104mph 3rd run, 13.1s @ 104mph 4th run, 14.2s @ 99mph Note, I overheated a bit for the fourth run, and suffered from vapour lock, hence the slower run. Leaving the Cortina Fanatics stand to head to the RWYB pits - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VA3GOJ4-IYo Second run captured by MK1Keiran - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhzl5OSULiA&t=809s Third run captured by jpst - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PMYQ8lo5G38&t=1381s Third run from dash cam - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hMZh9Raqtmc Fourth run captured by jpst - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PMYQ8lo5G38&t=1686s Fourth run from dash cam - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dSTjhhshUho
  2. Problem I found with the wheel centres method is that is needs to be so accurate. Personally, I used a digital level and put it on the threads of the top and bottom ball joints. Worked really well.
  3. Main dash vinyl re-done, to match the new panel. I'm happy with that.
  4. Thanks guys. TIB, if you need any pointers when you do it, just give me a shout. Fixing it to the dash was a bit of a challenge.
  5. Though I'm just about to swap for something a lot wilder, with a high stall converter to make full use of it.
  6. Similar cam to what I have currently got fitted. Bucket loads up low down torque.
  7. Got fed up with the radio installation in the glovebox that I did. The door wouldn't close with the front fascia in and you could use the remote with the door open anyway, meaning you drove around with the door open all the time. So, I got rid of the glovebox and made up a new dash panel that has the radio and a little rotating ash tray in it (to be used for small change and the like). I'm adding some storage elsewhere to compensate for losing the glovebox. Very happy with the finished panel. The vinyl doesn't quite match the original stuff used on the main dash panel, so I'll be re-covering that to match. I bought enough to do both.
  8. LOL! Hopefully it will sound good too. Well, certainly better than the original.
  9. Been having a little fun upgrading the dash speaker. Didn't want the hassle of trying to route more wires to the doors, as the grommets are filled with the electric window wiring. Radio will be going in the glove box. The speaker has twin connections, running a dual coil driver and individual tweeters.
  10. I just used a relatively standard inertia switch, including a bit of the cable and connector, cut out from a scrapped car. Most of them use the same part. About the size of a relay, with a rubber cover on the top with a reset button under it. Grabbed my one off eBay. Make sure you get the connector as well.
  11. Non servo with a big straight six up front? Sounds terrifying! Personally, I'd prefer a bigger servo for mine.
  12. MK5CortinaEstate

    mk3-5 bits

    Did the auto brake pedal go in the end?
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