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  1. MK5CortinaEstate

    mk3-5 bits

    Did the auto brake pedal go in the end?
  2. I'm afraid the quarter panels have now gone, as has the front bumper.
  3. MK4 2-door doors and MK5 estate doors going cheap. I need them gone.
  4. I ended up using old forum code that I had noted down. Be nice to have it back on a button.
  5. OK, what's happened to the link feature in the new forum layout? When you pressed the link button in the old layout, it would give you two fields to enter, the URL, and the text to display. Now when I press it, I get URL, email address, subject, message, etc. And to make matters worse, when I press cancel, the dialog box won't go away. I have to refresh or close the page! What's going on?! I just want to put a link in! Thanks, Mike.
  6. I thought I had. I'll get back to that PM to see if something can be arranged still. Sorry.
  7. Also have a three spoke Mountney wheel if anybody is interested. Its a bit grubby and only 13" in diameter, and does not come with a boss. It was a bit small for my liking, so I replaced it with a brand new 14" wheel.
  8. Parts still available. I had one person interested in some of the parts, but that looks like it's not going to happen due to the distance involved.
  9. MK5CortinaEstate

    Mk5 servo

    What about the brackets to mount the servo? Are you still after those?
  10. MK5CortinaEstate

    Mk5 servo

    Unfortunately, I'm not going to Cortina Day this year, but I'm not exactly far from you, as I am in Swindon.
  11. MK5CortinaEstate

    Mk5 servo

    Cool. Whereabouts in the country are you?
  12. MK5CortinaEstate

    Mk5 servo

    Actually, I was in the loft at the weekend, and it looks like I have a servo with the brackets still on, as well as another good looking servo. Are you still after them? Don't think there is a non-return valve there, but will double check ASAP.
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