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  1. Thanks Craig.. Give me 24hrs to see how i can get it lifted from you. Daz
  2. Hi All I am after a good used bonnet if anyone has one to sell ? Or if any body knows of a parts company that still sells them that would be ok also. Thanks Daz
  3. Thanks Craig , just need to find one now !
  4. Hi All I am after a top centre scuttle grill section for my P100 rebuild. If any one has a good used one which is cut out or know where I can locate one from I would be grateful. Got both the corner scuttles but the centre section isn't saveable. Thanks Daz
  5. P100Daz

    p100 cortina wanted

    Just for everyone interested in this P100 , this is my old one I lightly restored in 2009 !!! I Sold it in 2011 to a chap who it looks like resold the P100 onto the guy who has it now. Reading the condition comments make me sad because it sounds like it has been left to rot again and all the welding was done on the inner wings and wet pressure tested afterwards.... I contacted this chap who has it for sale and he never contacted me again and has now re listed it....He knows I owned it since 2003 and put it back to a road worth condition. At the time of me restoring it I lost my job and other things so it wasn't a full rebuild but it was good enough.... You can see various images on here when I started to do it and any questions or more detail pictures I will be happy to provide them if anyone is interested in purchasing it because I know everything that was done and not done to this.... I sold it for £1800 which was a very good fair price...£2500 which he is asking I wouldnt pay that knowing what I know. Best Regards Daz
  6. P100Daz


    Craig,,,,ill do everything in my power to keep it.....
  7. P100Daz


    Thanks for your thoughts... I wish i haven't got to sell it and if i find a way yes i will keep it forever and a day...
  8. P100Daz


    With deep regret i may have to sell on my beloved pickup. I've hit a few hard times over the past 18mths or so and i have to raise some funds to get myself through. Its a 1986 D Reg and there are plenty of pictures of it on this site if you look under my name i am sure you will find them.I am testing the water really with it on here first before i advertise it on the internet and i guess it might be alot of money for some people and if i dont get the amount i am after i will dry store it and find another way. I am after offers over £2000 and it is worth a lot lot more than this but i have adjusted it down to this because there are a little few bits to complete etc. If anyone or you know of anyone who may be interested please mail me and ill be happy to answer any questions....Thanks Darran.
  9. P100Daz


    Gra,,, I think i have a spare at home , i will have a look.
  10. There is a Sierra body on ebay at present , item no 130235002614 , starting at £100.00....., might do the trick ? Daz
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