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  1. I Repaired mine with J-B Weld last night fitted it back on all ok,that’s what the idiot said to me you have to bend the clip which he was talking a load of crap so I wouldn’t buy any thing from them as there brakes,engines must me made in China so I will wait till I come across a original housing
  2. Took it back he tried one of his clips thermostat still loose I told him they have been made wrong ,said to him they are made in China he said they are made in Germany I got my money back I,m going to repair mine with J-B Weld for now
  3. Yes new rubber washer and new spring ,tried them in my old thermostat housing thermostat is not loose so burtons thermostat housing is made wrong so taking it back to them,if he says you have to buy a thicker washer from them I will get my money back
  4. Bought one from burton yesterday went to fit thermostat ,the thermostat is too loose when the clip is fitted it has been made wrong as I phoned them today complained to them as I got to take it back to them tomorrow it must be made in China
  5. I sent them a few emails saying can you send some more pictures of the other side of the thermostat housing they keep saying it won’t fit my Cortina mk3 ,I think they are a Chinese seller based in the uk like other ones on eBay thanks
  6. Contacted them they said it dosnt fit my Cortina I don’t think they no what they are selling by there negative feedback it’s looks like mine in the picture even asked them to send me more pictures of it showing the other side as I no the Sierra has a small pipe that comes off it
  7. Wanted Cortina mk3 2 Litre Pinto thermostat housing as mine is Badley corroded thanks
  8. Hi send me your email ,I will email you some pictures of it I was told it was for a base model but not sure,it has two round white plugs on it for passenger ,drivers side for the door switches I think,if the green wire is missing for the Rev counter that goes to the coil that’s not hard to fit as you only have to run a green wire from the Rev counter to the ignition coil as I had two mk4s in the 80s I fitted a Rev counter from a Ghia model only had to run a green wire to the coil
  9. I have a nos cabin wiring loom I think its for either a XL Or Base
  10. I have a nos cabin wiring loom I think its for either a XL Or Base
  11. That’s Robin Walsh in Co Antrim Northern Ireland he has a lot of mk3 panels not cheap
  12. I have the left tombstone passenger side in black for thanks
  13. Wanted Type 9 5 Speed Gearbox wanted
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