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  1. Took a drive up from Wimborne to pick up a spare part from Andy today, A really nice guy, old Ford through & through. Got to see his mk 1 GT!!! top class! problably the best I've seen. Top marks for the beautiful leather interior. Alanj

  2. Cheers I can't call anyone smashed my old phone all numbers where on it. For smart phones they ain't very clever. And the thing I got now has completely different SIM card so can't even stick old one in and retrieve sum numbers.
  3. Very nice I would like one have you got many. Soon as I have sum money will have one if they all sell no worries maybe next time
  4. keeping x flow for now and gaz struts till end yr then i am going to convert gt to rack..every thing else is for sale ..the shell may seem expensive but you will save that in repair cost to a 3k tea bag..
  5. the mk1 glass i would store for you if its in the way ...
  6. 4700 lol but ya your prob right..dont even want to sell it if im honest really did want to do this one and use it daily
  7. how much do you want to pay???? im tempted but really dont want to ..but as the 2 door shell i have is a minter with very very minimal rust i mite unpick every part and sell that way
  8. Fatboy sorry no only the alloys and lotus rims
  9. Cheers keith. i will message him..did the other bloke say any thing. i sent a dozen pics he never got back to me. no worries he just seemed very keen then nothing.
  10. Hi peps still sorting my life out lol.. Had two good offers on GT but keeping it never built it faught cancer and spent millions on it to sell it .. But every thing else is for sale still plus more..sent lot of pics and number out on w llotus wheels and two door shell. but no reply so trying again.. All that sold was the cage cheers
  11. mick could you send me your e mail i will forward pictures and location for you or a contact number i think i have replied to most people but im sure i have missed a couple my pooter gave up am on daughters lap top and cant find a way into e mail settings to get some contacts .. will i will post wheel lotus steel pics today i hope i guess your next in line as david or dan never got back to me cheers
  12. sorry bud there another set i got for my maztina project these are the same style of wheel but look slightly diff i will get some pics up asap i aint had time
  13. get them then these where done by gaz couple yrs ago with rear shock cost me 740..charged me 600 to do legs with springs and top cups..i will keep them if there not making good money
  14. i have sent two lots pictures out off the lotus steels the last set on flea bay sold for 750 so the price is firm on them that i have passed on to askers..
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