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  1. Being an mot tester over the last yr or so I hear non stop horror stories I’m getting my shed out now you can’t fail it 🥴
  2. 50 years ain’t it mot wise. But only if it’s as it left factory or with period modification. I’d still get an mot for piece of mind. And god forbid worse case scenario where insurance can say it wasn’t in road worthy condition. Just saying
  3. Took a drive up from Wimborne to pick up a spare part from Andy today, A really nice guy, old Ford through & through. Got to see his mk 1 GT!!! top class! problably the best I've seen. Top marks for the beautiful leather interior. Alanj

  4. R.I.P I spoke on e mail a few times and on words and text she came accross as a lovely person. Shame there was such a huge gap between us as would be nice to meet her.
  5. Cheers I can't call anyone smashed my old phone all numbers where on it. For smart phones they ain't very clever. And the thing I got now has completely different SIM card so can't even stick old one in and retrieve sum numbers.
  6. Very nice I would like one have you got many. Soon as I have sum money will have one if they all sell no worries maybe next time
  7. i think they should ban all judging in house. and put stop to blue eyes wins or if your face fits you made it.
  8. Just a quick hello.. And hopefully back soon i dont have a pooter anymore so dont come on hear.. Still doing the deed bit but was able to keep the gt and will be keeping it unless the silly payments on the loan get to much. Hope to catch up with peps again soon will be at ford fair i hope cos i need to get her out and drive her.. Selling stuff still to reduce loan so if summin your after giz a shout.. Also have a room to rent in mi house if anyone nows a good tennant lol catch up soon
  9. id buy one if my divorce wasnt costing so much
  10. keeping x flow for now and gaz struts till end yr then i am going to convert gt to rack..every thing else is for sale ..the shell may seem expensive but you will save that in repair cost to a 3k tea bag..
  11. the mk1 glass i would store for you if its in the way ...
  12. 4700 lol but ya your prob right..dont even want to sell it if im honest really did want to do this one and use it daily
  13. how much do you want to pay???? im tempted but really dont want to ..but as the 2 door shell i have is a minter with very very minimal rust i mite unpick every part and sell that way
  14. Fatboy sorry no only the alloys and lotus rims
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