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    i love cortinas always have and i have always loved to listen to the king of rock elvis also loved motorbikes and all music from the 50s 60s 70s 80s
  1. elvis1

    Mk3 parts for sale

    i am sorry guys should of said they were for mrk3 tina i have found a pair of calipers m16s a oil feed pipe for a pinto the alternator and bracket not sure but dont think it will fit pre crossflow i still dont know how to upload pics on here guys cheers
  2. hi guys got a few bits for sale i have a brand new old stock front indicator unit old type gearnob crosflow thermostate housing refurbed alternator with bracket will sort out other parts to the list guys
  3. elvis1

    a few parts found

    hello m8 sorry ment to put on that the both choke cables have now sold and the 2ltr head has been sold i still have a full 2ltr engine 1 or 2 gearboxes a bran new in the box centrer console good for escort cortina exetra there will be more to follow
  4. elvis1

    a few parts found

    hello peeps there is a pinto full engine 2ltr a 2ltr block a 16 crosflow quick shift gearbox there will be more as my m8 finds them cheers
  5. elvis1

    a few parts found

    hi m8 for the stat 15 plus post if thats ok m8 cheers roy
  6. elvis1

    a few parts found

    hi guys and girls i have took some pics of the 2 choke cables and the 2ltr head to get the wife to put them on for me cheers
  7. elvis1

    a few parts found

    hi m8 if you want to pm me your addy and email ad i can send you a pic of the switch
  8. elvis1

    a few parts found

    high guys and girls i just wanted to say i only have a pinto head not complete engine sorry if you thaught it was i have found a frontbrake caliper reconed 2 alternators 2 crossflow starters one alternator bracket of a sierra i think i will let you know if i find anything else
  9. elvis1

    a few parts found

    hi m8 i would love toget another but dont think i will be in the position to get another i have got a 125 1989 but got to take a cbt you want just the switch i do have pinto 2.ltr i put new valve guide rubbers ground valves back in its my m8s he has a full cam kit to put into it
  10. elvis1

    a few parts found

    hi mate the switch and one cable is preface mrk 3 the choke cable is for the collum slide with the choke button the other choke cable is for mrk 4 .5 if thats any help m8
  11. elvis1

    a few parts found

    hello i am fine not got a classic missing it as i thaught i would hope you are well to
  12. i have a few parts that i have found a thermastate housing for a crossflow pre face dash air vents dynamo alternator a dash switch for wipers 2 choke cables one preface with dash switch and mrk 4 .5 yhere are a few more parts but i will sort out and take some pics and put them on buy the way hi to you guys and girls
  13. elvis1

    for sale

    the parts are pravisionally sold subject to collection at the weekend many thanks guys for all the replies roy
  14. elvis1

    for sale

    hello guys if any interest pm me your email addy and i will get some pics sent to you many thanks roy
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