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    Mk3 wings

    Me third if I had known I would of had them the other week
  2. Cheers for the comment guys,, Still a few teething probs to sort out and the final little bits to do, couple of edges need touching in due to getting a bit happy with the mop... Hans not forgotten about the huge favour on the rear lenses will sort something out.
  3. Well my brother took it to Battlesbridge, was not 100% complete and a few teething probs to sort out but she is looking good. (well I think so)
  4. Nearly finished. Hopefully my brother maybe able to take it to Battlesbridge,,, as I cant make it :thumbdown:
  5. Items received in perfect condition,, Thanks
  6. Thanks for the comments , yea hopefully will look good Dual purpose booth as also can be used for BBQ's :icecream: The wheels are banded Mondeo wheels 50mm extra on rear and 30mm on fronts, been fitting the hubcaps to them tonight. It is in paint now and being fitted up but with work and other things it seems to be taking forever, new vinyl roof and headlining fitted interior is in all but front seats and dash, another couple of weeks and hopefully complete :playball:
  7. Been a while so I thought I would put up some pics, Car is further on but waiting until it is complete before reveal :smashcomp:
  8. looking good ian. hopefully make some shows this year so see it in the flesh
  9. Its big enough to put a camp bed in so u can stay all night :playball:
  10. In for a penny in for a pound (or a few more than anticipated)Not much in repairs around it Been all day today repairing a second hand pattern wing and trial fitting
  11. I never thought of them. bloming would of tried that but ordered the wheels now
  12. Had a few evenings on the car
  13. Gone for 2" band on rears and 1" on fronts using mondeo 15" wheels. not sure what colour to go with the chrome hub caps .. silver, black or car colour. Hi Jim, Yep doing it myself with my brother and a couple of favours called in. sis is going to have a go at recovering some door cards Thanks Hans may have to take you up on the lenses, got some in the garage somewhere but I know they are not the best spent few hours tonight just getting the old glue of the roof
  14. Had major work a few years ago so its in reasonable shape new wings required (old one will repair but got 2 good second hand ones) and a few repairs here and there that's about it really for structure cosmetics are a bit more(so far) going for a tidy up on the cockpit wiring as its all over the place. and introduce a few modern items (usb charger,stereo, central locking and boot popper) new front lights The interior has always been a bit of a mix since I have had the car, so interior is just going to be black Hans, unless you know of a cheap GXL trim for a 2 door :rolleyes: All this time I have had this car I could not get the clock to work, after a complete strip down to the cogs a good clean and little light oil it working, going to leave it on test overnight and see what happens
  15. Hi Peeps, Been a long while since I have posted on here but with a few personal and family thing I lost the passion in my car, After a couple of years it has been re-ignited and now in the process of a clean up of the old girl and bolt on some new bits ready for some shows this year. New 15"steel wheels being banded with chrome hubcaps. new vinyl roof and a fresh lick of paint to start with. Looking for a few spares!! Wheel arch trims, sunvisors (mk5) Rear lenses.. will try and keep upto date with progress Rick
  16. Hi rick I currently have a 1982 2ltre Gl cortina in my garage which I am looking to sell. The car is garaged and kept dry. The car is in very good condition. I will be back in the UK on the 5th december and leaving again on the 10th december. If any of your members are interested in a very good clean car give me a call or email me The car is garaged in hampshire my telephone number is (CONTACT MYSELF AND I WILL PASS ON THE NUMBER) many thanks john cook
  17. I have sent out the details by PM to all that have asked . I have done this at the same time so good luck to you all, and who ever gets them let us know :thumbup:
  18. Had an e-mail from a guy near swindon: Hi Mate, I'm about to move house due to impending babies, and I've come across a selection of MK3 parts in my garage that have been there for ages, it's headlights rear light clusters, door handles, hinges, bits of trim seals etc, I dont want anything for them I just want rid, but obviously I dont want to just bin them. Whats the best/easiest way for doing this? Regards Barry. If anyone is intrested PM me and I can send over his details. If anyone gets them a donation would be helpful :angel_not:
  19. looks like a nice car and well worth the money, any chance of some pics of the engine bay, Thanks. :) I am afraid he did not send any over..
  20. Had another e-mail from Keith about this car, it did go on the site in July but had no takers. He has asked for me to put it back on and asked me if the money was to much. I said thats down to whoever wants it. So an offer I think he would consider. If anyone is interested PM me and I will pass on details... My father has just been told that he can no longer drive due to failing eyesight. He is the second owner and has owned the car from 12 months old and 6,000 miles. It is all original it has always been maintained and garaged you will see how clean the condition is from the pictures. I am sure that the first enthusiast to see will buy it £2,000 serious buyers only. Year 1982, 74,000 miles Atlantic blue M.O.T until March 15th 2011 Taxed until Feb 2011 My father lives in Cumbria so because of his age I am trying to deal with it for him. My contact number is 07967 XXXXXX the local garage will verify history although he has numerous paperwork as well. I have taken some pictures to show excellent original condition. Kind regards Keith
  21. Had an e-mail from a John Webb. Open to offers. if anyone interested PM me and I will pass on contact details. I have 1967 Cortina SW London. SJJ 485F Bodywork rather ropey but the interior is the original WHITE. Pretty good condition. Anyone interested?
  22. lol could not tell you .. someone e-mailed it to me and asked if I could post it, I thought one of you guru's may know and jump at a piece of rare stuff :thumbup: so does anyone know who he is ?????
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