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  1. Guess the one on the car is rotten then 😂 if you do have a spare let me know dude. It's for the crayford as that area is very crusty.
  2. Hi Andy, what's the inner left wing like (where the battery tray is)?
  3. Been mentioned before. It's only visible to you, no one else can see it 👍👍
  4. There was one on the car at Dave.com's when we took the floor off. Not sure if he still has it though.
  5. Beowulf


  6. It's at the top mid right (At least it is on mobile) and you can configure it.
  7. Beowulf

    Picture 01.jpg

    Nice one Graham:) what stage is it at atm? Has your man repaired the buck floor?
  8. Just testing uploading from the phone.
  9. Well done Neil, a big thank you for taking the time to do this. Hopefully it will revitalise the forum.
  10. Beowulf

    Forum Problems

    I too have noticed over the last couple of months that viewing a thread that you have read before takes you to the first page and you then have to manually navigate to the last read post.
  11. Think I had them off you last year Craig.
  12. Looks like some people are still having issues when using IMGBB. Go to the picture you want and at the bottom it will say "embed codes" or some such. It then displays a list of codes. Copy the 4th one down (the one within the brackets) then just paste it into your post. Voila!
  13. If you are using IMGBB use the bb links and the one with around it. That's the 4th link down on IMGBB I think.
  14. <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="cactus" data-cid="671865" data-time="1523374806"><p> I have about 100 of these brand new...<br /> <br /> £2 each +p&p</p></blockquote> Now you tell me lmao. Craig has sent me one now. So am ok. Good price that though :(
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