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  1. petermac


  2. Hmm he was sat in the sun a lot yesterday as well :icecream: but we are both recovering from paying a tenner to get in.
  3. petermac

    1600e for sale

    It's neither, it was a colour that i tried to match so as to cover some stripes on the bonnet, sort of ruby red but it didn't quite match so i ended up spraying the whole car after rubbing it all down and applying primer first.Think i got 10 ltr, still got a bit left for touching up.
  4. Just re-taxed mine and i think there was just a tick box
  5. Try this, https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C998427
  6. petermac

    1600e for sale

    Can't say :bleh:
  7. petermac

    1600e for sale

    see https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C998427 for details
  8. You should have gone to cleveleys car show today,a chap came up and asked if we wanted to buy a 1500gt for restoration, he said shell was solid and in primer, he just couldn't be bothered to finish it. Unfortunately he didn't give us a price so we didn't ask any more detail :bag:
  9. well well well, never thought i'd see the day.i knew you'd see the light and sell that modern car, buy a proper cortina one day :bleh: good luck, peter.
  10. Think it means mk2 consul, not cortina. It looks shorter than a mk2 so even if it fits i don't think it will operate the clutch fork enough.
  11. Hi martyn, could be pcv valve or split in hose air leak on manifold crap supermarket fuel,old fuel. That'll keep ya busy for a bit :car:
  12. Gonna be very nice that dave :thumbup:
  13. Before you go to the expense just short the solonoid out with a large screwdriver just in case the contacts are shot inside. Long shot but worth a try.It could even be the battery. Peter.
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