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  1. petermac


  2. petermac

    1600e for sale

    It's neither, it was a colour that i tried to match so as to cover some stripes on the bonnet, sort of ruby red but it didn't quite match so i ended up spraying the whole car after rubbing it all down and applying primer first.Think i got 10 ltr, still got a bit left for touching up.
  3. petermac

    1600e for sale

    Can't say :bleh:
  4. petermac

    1600e for sale

    see https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C998427 for details
  5. You should have gone to cleveleys car show today,a chap came up and asked if we wanted to buy a 1500gt for restoration, he said shell was solid and in primer, he just couldn't be bothered to finish it. Unfortunately he didn't give us a price so we didn't ask any more detail :bag:
  6. well well well, never thought i'd see the day.i knew you'd see the light and sell that modern car, buy a proper cortina one day :bleh: good luck, peter.
  7. petermac

    SUG 607G

    Hello Nick, can't believe your selling sug, but i'm sure you'll have something in mind. you've had the pleasure of rebuilding it to a very good standard that anyone would be proud of and you'll have no trouble selling it. ps if you still have gearbox can you pm number Peter.
  8. petermac

    Radio connection

    Pretty straight forward i would think,as it"ll only be basic there'll be a lead with a fuse holder thats + casing will be - and a pair possibly white for the speaker (one speaker only) Peter.
  9. It might depend on the kit you got. Original kits didn't have them in but some aftermarket kits do. Rimmers do spares for rover and this kit seams to have it in but the rest of the kit may be of no use to you http://www.rimmerbros.co.uk/Item--i-506423 this firm also do them for early fords https://www.smallfordspares.co.uk/products/e93a-9349-fuel-pump-repair-kit-export-model-e36-z-1 i don't think you'll get the seal on its own, hope this helps Peter.
  10. Thought you might have turned up at grange over sands today so we could have a look at this new motor,was a good day.
  11. This is on evilbay now 14hr to go pcv valve
  12. Blimey,it's cheaper to let the petrol leak out :rolleyes:
  13. Ok, i'll have a look,see if it goes into orbit,you'll have to sit on the naughty chair at the next show and no icecream :thumbdown:
  14. interested dave if it don't leak,and the price is right :thumbup:
  15. Maybe it's all this hot weather we're having B)
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