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  1. As per title I'm selling the car as I have no time or space to start the restoration Car comes with the floor pans and rear panel to replace what needs replacing Virtually rust free apart from the front foot wells where they all go Needs a good restorer or someone with the knowledge to make this a show stopper One of only six mk3 cortina peranas produced and one of only two survivors For any info regarding the car and restoration needed contact me for more details Cheers Steve Unable to post a pic on here so if anyone wants pictures send me an email address
  2. bigdyer05

    Mk3 GXL

    For me it's a simple answer The fella that bought it obviously thinks he's bought a £5k motor and wants the quick return Believe the Americans call it flipping Or he obviously has no ideas on these cars and still thinks he will sell to some person with the spare cash and a blind fold My self I would be looking at what money would need to be Put into it work wise ,labour ,material and costs and the desirability does come into in but the fact it's twice what it sold for is only out pricing it for someone that would like to try the scene Hey ho one npvorn every minute I bought some turbo vec 13"had then restored and new tyres fitted and sold the for less than what was owed me to help the fella that previously previously owned the car To me a rare colour needing little work is easily worth between £3000 and £4500 as a project Hope it stays on the scene
  3. bigdyer05

    Mk3 breaking

    Pete I've sent a pm Gaz bits withdrawn from sale 😞
  4. bigdyer05

    Mk3 breaking

    I'm not sure i there gaz or raligh Design Bare with me
  5. bigdyer05

    Mk3 breaking

    Parts available are 2.0ltr axle £200 ". ". Pinto with unleaded convertion done complete with carb/ air filter / alternator / starter motor Rocker cover / sump and pullys powder coated £ 500May split if needed Preface lift cross member fully poly bushed £150 Various wheels 1600e rostyles in different states of condition Mk2 escort estate deep dish wheels and deep dish wheel embelishers possibly for sale as well Contact me on 07471226322 for more info Steve Birmingham areaOther bits available Wide chrome trim front and rear screens RubbersMaybe even a mk3 cortina perana one of six ever made I'm undecided yet on the car
  6. Sorry not completely braking just stripping
  7. Most parts available, complete engine unleaded converted, Type 9 box, 2 ltr axle, Wheels galore, Bonnet, Boot, Doors ect Pm for more info
  8. Ile take these Jane please Cortina day is fine
  9. Would you take £500 for the pair

  10. I'm desperate sill if your sorted Pete Ile message george
  11. Ile be up for this james Hopefully Ile have the car finished by then
  12. bigdyer05

    mk3 1.6 gxl

    Mr tizwas what are the seats like Be interested in the set with door cards
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