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  1. yeah that hole's still there i've got another dash to go in it when i get round to sorting my basket case of an estate out that's got a good dash front in it but top is all split so going to do something else with that but don't know what yet cheers for info on springs
  2. Hi G.O don't suppose you know what size the eye is on the back of the spring so i could just measure the springs i have so that i know which bushes i have to buy coz i don't know if the ones i bought are 1 or 2 p.s it's still going strong passed it's m.o.t with hardly any work small plate on spare wheel well and starts every time i go to it. which is only about once a month during winter can't fault it was it you that did alot of work to it in the past
  3. cheers for that was advised that the darker colours are better the springs i've bought are better than the ones on the car they are knackered 3 leaf the ones i've bought are what appear to be good condition 4 leaf i say appear because the guy i bought em off is a member on here and he's had them blasted and powder coated and you wouldn't spend any money having that done if they were no good (here's hoping) but i still don't know which bushes to get series 1 or 2 is there a difference and are they interchangeable without stripping mine down and taking some measurements but i'de rather get new bushes then strip it down and rebuild thanks for quick reply
  4. Hi could anyone tell me the difference between series 1 and 2 leaf springs i have a f reg which i think is series 1 and have bought a set of springs off fleebay but don't know which model just that they are mk2 but they have come with no bushes at all so i just need to know if they is a difference and how to tell and which are the best polly bushes to buy been told by Craig at sheffieldcortinacentre that the bright yellow ones are a pain to fit but he's mainly into mk3's so i'm hoping someone can tell me who's into mk2's thanks in advance
  5. that black cherry mk2 still going strong got it parked up in garage for winter. When was that picture taken ? B)
  6. 47 should av bin 48 ticked wrong answer on 1 of them don't know how other 2 deffo got wrong not bad passed in 79 car 89 bike and hgv 1 in 94 so i should av got em all :ph34r: :cheers:
  7. we've all done daft tricks like that glad to hear your ok but if you insist on doing them silly tricks get rid of the wife and marry a fat bird :cheers: :angry: :wine: :sofa: speedy recovery :cheers:
  8. craig you know how you've got where were you in 72 on the back of your v8 you want the pheonix on the back of your bakki after rebuilding that :o :cheers:
  9. oh and no update yet not started it yet just put 1600 super into hybernation for winter :o
  10. It doesn't matter how many times you tell him how to do em all he says is yeh reight him and pc's don't go together not bad for a bloke that/s put a yank v8 into his car made that trailer but can't push a few buttons in right order what shall we do with him open to suggestions :cheers: :cheers: :rofl: :o
  11. not you mate. craig show him how to do pictures he's a proper technophobe but don't tell him i said so :unsure:
  12. i'm going to have to pop on to your house and try to show you how to do it :unsure: :) B)
  13. and more fed up now will put you more on later :unsure:
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