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  1. This one has already been talked about Not all good
  2. TIB3300

    Car For SaleWanted

    Maybe join the Cortina mK3 club, you would get 1st dibs on cars for sale then and most of the cars are well known https://www.cortinamk3club.com/
  3. WOW!! Thats a bargain for lotus hinges
  4. Looks like he fell foul of putting that infamous word,,,, Lotus
  5. Or get a set of these Not saying to get this exact set just what you want too
  6. TIB3300

    Mk5 parts,

    I best get me coat then
  7. I can't see your Mk4. Please tell me it a white 2ltr S I must admit the Mk1 looks the biz
  8. TIB3300

    Mk5 parts,

    Why would you scrap them? not just lower the price or give them away? I must admit, I cant see the Ebay advert
  9. I like!, its subtle, but looks rite
  10. WOW! What a collection of cars and a savage added to the collection , l must admit the pantera is tops for me Does the MK5 have TRX wheels?
  11. Hello admin, Just a little thing" smiles" Could we have the old smiles at the top of the page when you open the similes link please? , Just make it easier to navigate Or have the old ones fist the the new face smiles next .show below
  12. TIB3300

    For Free

    Maybe best to not use your full post code.
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