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  1. TIB3300

    Wanted gl door cards

    ooow!!! the cortina guru challenge Chelsea ? or york ?
  2. Hello all After I cut my rear arches to make some wheels fit earlier this year , I now need ana drivers side MK3 rear wheel arch repair panel please. I only want the rear section
  3. Morning Steve' can you give me first dibs on your front doors if you get some more please ?
  4. * FOR SALE * Complete MK5 centre console Including arm wrest' dash console' and Ford radio and all but one of the fixing brackets in chocolate brown £100
  5. I have had a look round the car and will put more pictures up soon. The only areas needing welding I've seen are, boot floor to rear panel, sills, could be patched? Drivers footwell and a small hole in the chassis under drivers seat area . Most of the panels have dents on them but look good to go again, rear wheel arches inner and outer are really good. Rear wheel tubs are good Both inner wings behind the headlights are really good, Chassis and rear forks look good. The car doesn't appear to have had any welding done before , which is nice . The seats have been replace with some really nice crusader seats. Starts and drives, engine is a little smoky, has good oil pressure
  6. Looking to swap this 1.3 manual MK5 Cortina for a MK4 1.6 or 2ltr No MOT 1300 cc manual with 54000mls DEPOSIT TAKEN
  7. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Cortina-Mk2-1600gt-1968-2door-V5-And-Tags-Only-Uk-Car-Classic-Car/133145857240?hash=item1f001c8cd8:g:QW4AAOSw4EJcn7~A not done the best of job of covering the reg number its at the bottom of the logbook
  8. Hello peeps 😉 Anyone help with a bellhousing and flywheel collection and take to the MK1 nats please or past sheffield from Kettering NN16
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