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  1. Just heads up Sir ! Speedo's not MK3 Perspex looks odd
  2. TIB3300

    MK4 Cortina wings

    Donncha Do you have any rusty mk4 wings ?
  3. Morning all Am after an air filter for mine, its just until I put my bug-catcher on. Has a anyone got anything like the one pictured that would sell., doesn't have to be mint as I can paint it if necessary. I know I can get a new one, but as said its only temporary Thanks
  4. Unfortunately we are now on E10 petrol Try and get some of this COHLINE 2240 R9 SPECIFICATION RUBBER FUEL INJECTION HOSE (8MM PUSH ON) E85 COMPATIBLE IH-008E
  5. I thought it said Petrol pipe Sex
  6. Evening all I have a little shopping list I know I can get some of these items from other places, but just checking to see if anyone has anything surplus to requirements they would sell ? Front windscreen rubber new! Rear screen rubber New! Passenger side air vent black crackling used pictured, used Parcel shelf flat GT type, not raggy, used Drivers side non chrome rear lens used no chips, used 4 Door Rear seat back and bottom , Base/GT pattern used any colour V6 updated front springs, used / new??
  7. Anyone got a non chrome rear lens for the drivers side please ? Used is fine as long as its not chipped
  8. i would like to see what the person with the fake MK3 savage had to say,
  9. Don't quote me, but I heard he had family issues and more. I know you will come on here for a look Hope your OK Mr Pete, You can ring me If you want a chat
  10. Thank you BSC Am sad its not so busy now No longer needed
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