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  1. TIB3300

    Mk3 Front Valance

  2. OHH NO ! ,, Don't start the wing shield debate up
  3. Show us some pictures of what your want your car to look like ?
  4. Caught up again , thanks for the update
  5. Good evening all, anyone got a spare handbrake cable they would sell ? Thanks
  6. Thanks for the input, can i ask what year you got them? and did they refund? . As was thinking of getting them all round on mine
  7. Afternoon all Some of you may know am on with a V8 MK3. Anyhow ive put mustang rear brakes on, but the hand brake cable is too short. I can sort the whole length, but its the outer sheath/ plastic part I need help with please .. Just wounder if anyone have a Cortina P100 a Mk4 and or a MK5 cable to do some measurements ? I would like the measurements of the outer plastic sleeve of the following ? TA! Cortina P100 Cortin MK4 Cortina MK5 Dash mouthed MK3
  8. Burton as well https://www.burtonpower.com/gaz-front-damper-ford-cortina-mk3-mk4-mk5-72-82-gzgt6-2059.html
  9. If Hans cant help ? Marky can lend you one to copy
  10. More info and pictures https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/174761785175 If your interested, please PM me
  11. For Sale 4x Deep Dish 14 in Weller steel wheels. no tyres, The wheels have been made to look like American D wheels. I will be taking off the two remaining tyres off Pictures show the steel trims I made to give them a different look to the original Weller wheels, these trims could be removed if required. Could do with a repaint in your colour choice. 14 x 6, Stud pattern 4 x 108 Ford' Hillman' ect £125ono
  12. Ile stick an add on MTOC 4U
  13. I bought something like this years ago, https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/373558890910?hash=item56f9d8519e:g:RlAAAOSw1DlgiTeE
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