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  1. TIB3300

    Help needed for my Mk3

    Hello Ainsley You know if you need any help to pop and see me
  2. TIB3300

    Wanted battery tray MK3 / 4 / 5

    Thanks Gaz I should be seeing Craige for one
  3. TIB3300

    Wanted battery tray MK3 / 4 / 5

    Thank you Addict Pete CC gave me a nice used one he had removed,
  4. TIB3300

    Wanted front clip 3/ 4/ 5

    Thank you for the offer "Differant? " Do you know what's different? The position of the upper and lower arm fiting to the crossmember? or just the arms? ps where are you RT ?
  5. TIB3300

    Wanted battery tray MK3 / 4 / 5

    Cheers Craig will be in touch
  6. TIB3300

    Wanted battery tray MK3 / 4 / 5

    Cheers I will PM him Craig has offerd me one, it may be easier to just make the brackest than drill out the spotwelds from a used one
  7. TIB3300

    Wanted battery tray MK3 / 4 / 5

    Helo all Anyone breaking a MK3 4 5 am after the battery tray and attaching brackets TA!! Please PM me with a price £?
  8. TIB3300

    Wanted front clip 3/ 4/ 5

    Evening all Am on the lookout fr a front clip MK 3FL / 4 / 5 No silly prices please, as chucked the last spare oneI had I only need the centre cross member part but would consider the complex unit If you could PM me with price and where you are please TiBBs
  9. TIB3300


  10. TIB3300

    MK3 GXL Onix Green 1972

  11. TIB3300

    Forum not working

    Thank you Neil It was my new internet security,that was causing the problems
  12. TIB3300

    Forum not working

    Hello admin I cant get the forum to work on Firefox as it looks like this?
  13. TIB3300

    cills and floor pans for my P100

    I have a pair of full outer sills here for you young man FOC ;)
  14. TIB3300

    For Sale Period C&T Twin 40 Cross Flow Manifold

    Hiya Johnny Will you be taking offers for it here on BSC? B) ps i don't need it :sofa:
  15. TIB3300

    Ford Cosmic Alloys 13" x 4 £150

    resize them in paint :thumbup: