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  1. Thanks guys Really happy with the sound so far, its going to be deeper and louder when done Cant run it againg for the mo, as on with rear axle
  2. Thanks Mr One year nine months and it moves under V8 power
  3. Cheers Chaps And trial fitted covers and air filter
  4. Been playing around with the VHT spray paint. I will be getting some nice shiny rocker covers but for the meantime had a play. I had a pair of beaten up covers that came with one of the engines, bare metal them' primed them and filled the dents I couldn't knock out. First filled then primed and painted black to look for more dents, once happy with dents then silver look for imperfections then dark could before the silver then the red with a clear coat on top.As after painting the engine with VHT it doesn't like petrol or antifreeze , odd for engine paint
  5. I find not putting a price put peeps off, as they dont want to upset or insult with a low bid
  6. After mutch delibertion? I think I have a colour for my V8 Somthing like this
  7. Thanks Yes I was happy with the results, I only quickly did it on a chips lense I had. Its Spray yes , but not the lights one. Its the same stuff I did the engine with
  8. Thanks Cap! Didnt know about the granny hubs bit, but as dgo says. bolt onto cortina
  9. Thank you sir! I wont buy anything in the meantime
  10. Ive decided to go with the Granada set up, as I dont have to re/ drill any discs. Looking for Mk2 Granada 2,8 Calipers Thanks
  11. Red Rear light no longer needed Made my own
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