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  1. I found this to be my favorite search criteria , highlighted by the red rectangle . Click on the little tick to make it you default search
  2. Part 4 Remember to save at the bottom
  3. OK Ever since the new forum arrived I have been struggling with searching the forum. On the old forum I would click "recent activity" or something. I would then see all new post, but only the heading title's But on the new forum I have been seeing every single post, Here's my guide to creating a search very similar to the old form
  4. Cheers Craig Will buy you a at yat
  5. Good morning all Well I can't find it anywhere??? The little clip that holds the accelerator cable to the top of the pedal. Can we get these from anywhere? Or does someone have a stock of them for sale? If not can someone show me some nice close up pictures please, so I can make one PLEASE! 🙏
  6. But I woud buy some of these though Deeper https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/5-x-Weller-Wheels-14-Ford-Jago-Jeep-Geep-Fresh-Tyres/303105562702
  7. Thanks Nog But there not for me!
  8. THANK YOU SIR! Can I ask would you be able to do it this week? Will you be going to yat? Would you be OK to look after it untill then? TiBBs
  9. As the title says, anyone in or near West Malling that can collect and store a part for me please Not dirty about the size of a video recorder Cheers
  10. Good Morning All Wanted steel wheels, colour or condition not too important. As long as there not oval. 7x14in 4x108 PCD same as the picture please. I would proffer 8 hole but may consider 7 hole ? Cheers
  11. Still looks for a Gen FORD one
  12. Hello James I now have one thank you
  13. TIB3300


    There not cortina wheels, but they are MK2 escort estate wheels. The good thing about these wheels is you can fit the MK2 cortina deep wheel trims on them.
  14. Am after a MK3 4 5 heater box, Mine didnt want to come out peacefully Dont mind small repairs to do would proffer not a fiber one
  15. Hello Ainsley You know if you need any help to pop and see me
  16. Thanks Gaz I should be seeing Craige for one
  17. Thank you Addict Pete CC gave me a nice used one he had removed,
  18. Thank you for the offer "Differant? " Do you know what's different? The position of the upper and lower arm fiting to the crossmember? or just the arms? ps where are you RT ?
  19. Cheers Craig will be in touch
  20. Cheers I will PM him Craig has offerd me one, it may be easier to just make the brackest than drill out the spotwelds from a used one
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