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  1. *BIG THANKS * To Kev & Andy AKA KRT & n'monkey220 The bug catcher is now safe at home
  2. Good afternoon all Am after a pair of used door mirrors, either chrome clip on or bullet style shown in the pictures please. Condition not too important as long as they move and not broken I will need them posting next week, as i need them to use the car
  3. BIG THANK YOU TO Dunstan AKA dgo
  4. Holy thread hijack batman
  5. Thank you Hans for the heads up I now own a MK3 bench seat
  6. uncle Dunk has sorted me out NoG thank you
  7. Looking for a pair of used MK3 indicators, just the bulb holder part. Not corroded please PM me a price please
  8. Thanks Retro But not the same, its the pin conection thats differant "NEW MK1 Escort" £90+ https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NOS-GENUINE-FORD-ESCORT-CORTINA-CAPRI-Mk1-Mk2-Mk3-FUSE-BOX-75AG-14A067-AC/312474796223?hash=item48c0f300bf:g:jbcAAOSwWrxcWw4O
  9. Another wanted add Anyone got a fusebox to fit a facelift MK3 please Can you PM me with price Ta !!
  10. Morning am on the lookout for a good used heater matrix please . PM me with what you have please
  11. FOR SALE 4x - 13in Wolf Race Slot mags Ford fitment 4 x108 £250 Wolfrace slot mags, with that real 1970s look. In used condition and look to have been polished at some time, and still shiny. But with a new buff would look beautiful!!! Two are 7 x13, With a 4in dish Two are 6x13, With a 2in dish The wheels can be collected or I can post them for about £30 If you would like more info or pictures , just PM me
  12. I found this to be my favorite search criteria , highlighted by the red rectangle . Click on the little tick to make it you default search
  13. Part 4 Remember to save at the bottom
  14. OK Ever since the new forum arrived I have been struggling with searching the forum. On the old forum I would click "recent activity" or something. I would then see all new post, but only the heading title's But on the new forum I have been seeing every single post, Here's my guide to creating a search very similar to the old form
  15. Cheers Craig Will buy you a at yat
  16. Good morning all Well I can't find it anywhere??? The little clip that holds the accelerator cable to the top of the pedal. Can we get these from anywhere? Or does someone have a stock of them for sale? If not can someone show me some nice close up pictures please, so I can make one PLEASE! 🙏
  17. But I woud buy some of these though Deeper https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/5-x-Weller-Wheels-14-Ford-Jago-Jeep-Geep-Fresh-Tyres/303105562702
  18. Thanks Nog But there not for me!
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