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  1. I really do like them, but I could do with the space as I have far too much car stuff lol
  2. I have 5 turbovec style wheels for sale, includes a set of nearly new wheel nuts for a mk5. They are located in Okehampton £350
  3. Unfortunately, I'll have to sell my Cortina, so here goes, It's a mk4 2 door, with Capri Ghia wheels escort Rs2000 front seats, 205 block pinto, with a twin choke carb, 5 speed gearbox. Over the course of this year I've done a few jobs:- Front wheel bearings, brake discs and calipers, all 4 front balljoints, with and -1 springs and new dampers (I have new springs and dampers for the rear just not fitted yet), replaced front cradle and tie bar bushes, adjusted the valves and sorted out leaks on the water pump and thermostat housing. It is currently fitted with a 1.3 litre axle which whines like a goodun so I bought a 2.0 litre axle for it which comes with it along with a boot full of bits. It will come with a new mot. The car is located in Somerton, Somerset I can deliver within 100 miles £2750
  4. So, the other week I decided to move the mk4 out of the corner of my workshop, which wasn't as easy as it sound as I'd been using it as a shelf, I also rooted my pile of bits and actually made a start on fitting some of them. Thats about as far as I've got, wheels and spotlights . I did have a look at why the speedo doesn't illuminate and found this Can anyone suggest a way to repair it? Mike
  5. So not much to report really, I've fitted a center box and my old mountnet steering wheel, changed the oil, replaced the front wheel bearings, upper and lower ball joints and lower arm bolts as they were rattling I have managed to get a replacement drivers door and a towbar
  6. As per the title really, I'm after a towbar for my mk4 saloon, if anyone has one please. mike
  7. Fair enough, good luck with the sale Mike
  8. It came like that, i want sure about it at first, but its growing on me. it does have a 2.0 with a 5 speed gearbox
  9. Thanks, it's mainly the interior that needs tidying up, a few rattles and worn bushes and 4 shocks to replace
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