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  1. Thanks nogE...and D-Fens.......this info will be passed on to the guy in question - Wembley/Ealung are close .... so rest is up to him Cactus ..I will pass on your post as well ......best of luck with sale!
  2. Prices have certainly ramped up over the past 3-4 years....! Will inform my friend of developments ..... look like £600+ a pair then!
  3. You probably mean £1.20.... at least I hope you do!....... say a 5ft long bumper (60") x say 4" = 240 sq inches x £1.20 = £288? Probably a bit far from London for this guy's contact in West London......
  4. Guys Got an enquiry from a fellow club member here in Ireland (Cortina Owners Club of Ireland)....... he needs both front + rear bumpers rechromed to a high/excellent quality. He has contacts in Ealing/London so getting the bumpers sent over and back would be no problem (lucky him!)....... So he is looking for Chromer / Chrome company recommendations in the London area...plus a rough idea of cost per bumper involved.
  5. 100% on the button Hans ...Roman Bronze Mk4 Estate .....and that looks exactly like the shade I'm after (see Han's link)........anything in Austria Hans? Craig - makes sense re the Base Seat...and deffo correct re the back!........getting the correct shade is the trick as I have 2 boxes of the pale tan seat covers that were taken off scrap seats and posted to me - alas not in the correct shade of velour! Anybody heard of this type of cloth being available new ?
  6. Anybody have a Rear Seat Base (back section also ,if available) for a Mk4 Cortina Ghia in Ghia-spec Beige crushed Velour (not the Tan shade but a more yellow-golden/beige shade)...? Interested in the standard cloth Ghia velour upholstery rather than the steel/spring parts......
  7. Anybody got a complete Seat Runner for a Ser.2 Cortina 1600E - on Drivers side seat - the outside one ......I will take a pair if somebody does not want to separate a pair.
  8. Hi Guys Has anybody got one of these - a Propshaft Rubber Joint doughnut with a splined attachment (bonded/fixed together)for a Mk5 Cortina 2.3 Automatic.....I had the single doughnut but only realised that the Auto. one is different - Burtons have them for £68 + Postage......but sid I'd try the BSC Forum first.....
  9. Thanks all for quick and speedy advice.... Oldparts store list them (original) but are Out of Stock....emailed enquiry sent. Burtons link for oval-shaped ones up to 07/73...http://www.burtonpower.com/front-strut-bar-oval-hole-in-subframe-set-cortina-3-gran1-sf0590kss.html Superflex link for oval-shaped ones to 047/73...http://www.superflex.co.uk/products.php?cat=148 Ebay link for oval-shaped ones to 07/73.......http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/710-53481-19255-0/1?ff3=4&pub=5574629005&toolid=10001&campid=5335900709&customid=&mpre=http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Superflex-Bushes-Ford-Cortina-MK3-4-5-Taunus-Ginetta-G26-Front-Tie-Bar-Bush-Kit-/281413663994?hash=item41858fbcfa:g:qakAAOSwnDZT7dQw Thanks lads for all your help....position now clear enough!
  10. Went to renew tie bar bushings on my Mk3 GXL (Reg'd Feb'72)...found that the oval versions were fitted rather than the usual Mk3/4/5 round orange/tan coloured sponge-type ones. Am I right in saying that the only option is to go the Superflex or Flotex route.....or does anybody have the original-type ones for sale or where I might source a set? Any idea which is best for this type of replacement?
  11. Guys A friend of mine who is restoring a Mk3 GXL is looking for a RH/LH pair of Rear Wheel Arch Repair panels ...tried sending a PM top a couple of BSC members but either the PM never arrived or the Rear Wheel Arches were already sold.... Also looking for a pair of lower rear quarter repair panels....but the Rear Wheel Arches are the priority... Any help greatly appreciated ....PM/email if you can help... Thanks....
  12. Collected and paid for FORD mat today in Stratford from Dave Brown...exactly as described here on BSC and a top guy as well Thanks Dave!
  13. Will b there DB...in Walsall at mo! Might see you later this evening or deffo Sunday! KKCortina (Simon)
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