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  1. really after 1 front seat in the green thai silk pattern. willing to buy a pair but thought it was worth a last ask on here before i give up! anyone help?
  2. here I have quite a rare single 45 weber dcoe and inlet , completely removed from a 2.0 pinto, was told it ran totally fine , has a magnoletsi linkage as well,and all water unions and servo take offs. it really is pretty much ready to bolt on and use! £200 firm. collection from London/kent preferred but can also courier this out for cost also. pm me or better to contact me on 07969696746 pinto 1 by pinto by
  3. Mk2 cortina standard 3 rail gearbox (looks like a 2000e but is geared for a normal cortina so don't go asking me about ratios etc) . Removed in good working order. complete with bellhousing, clutch fork and gaitor, slave cylinder etc Selects gears fine complete ready to bolt in and use, but no gearstick included but will be present to select test gears though. £150 collected only from london/kent basically a complete good box. best to contact me on 07969696746 please thanks 33073122_2218407848171188_7418269214458249216_n by 33216399_2218407761504530_669768135124975616_n by
  4. for sale- set of 4 mexico steels. deep dish and look great on all mk's of cortinas and obviously escorts too! 5.5jx13 all are in good condition, paints not perfect but its okay! comes with centre caps (Cortina type with RS sticker on) and 16x brand new metric nuts to suit. £250 ovno collection from London/kent or can be posted for cost. 07969696746 best to call or text. thanks 32169935_2201641443181162_430719438069694464_n by
  5. I am after a ideally straight 2000e gearbox gearstick . if anyone can help please let me know ! thanks
  6. for sale, a pair of basically as new Cortina mk2 steel TCA's. were on the car for a few hundred miles if that prior to being fully rebuilt. balljoints are tight as anything and new bushes etc. £200 ovno for these. collect from south east London / kent or can be couriered worldwide for cost! pm me but much better to get me on 07969696746 thanks 8EF64316-DF34-4010-A730-BF2E3F45876C by
  7. a set of full chromes here going spare. 3 are spot welded one is riveted. condition of chrome is okay, look good from a few feet away but these are not concourse winners. photos show it all. really getting hard to come across now and to be honest on the right car will look good! or good for rechroming/spares. not getting made any more and never will!? £200 collect from south east London. could post but that would be extra. any questions pm me or it is much better to get me on 07969696746 9D6AF29A-411B-4469-9D45-EE3E32FC5967 9A598FF3-231C-46EB-9A72-67639D3E80B3 by D2F1AA2F-E566-4224-8FFF-1AB67E95C014 by 77A59F36-C13D-4B00-B1FA-1A6585172BD1 by DC14BCB1-B9C0-4F53-9816-3843C1D9B104 by DDF40B9B-C1EC-4A5C-B4CE-DC2C19EEA50E by rears BB78B3B9-74DE-4F03-8E82-FD0636278417 by thanks
  8. as above I'm after any used okay/good rostyle centre caps and I am seeking 1x full chrome rostyle wheel. any help please pm me ! thanks
  9. Thats okay wasnt keen on palleting tbh ! Glad to be an honest fair member tbh if theres a better deal take it! Hope it serves you well and time to sell my soare block and gubbins on :)
  10. may be better off buying the complete one mate as sumps go for a premium now. £300 +..
  11. my money is I am going senial Hans lol! just heading to my unit soon this evening will update guys !
  12. I may have remembered the code wrong i will double check this afternoon and photograph
  13. Its defo a pre - late one had a few myself and got two running in cars, think I remembered code wring but its a late 6 bolt proper sealed block for a pre. Will double check in a bit
  14. I have just what you sound like you need. was going to list it on ebay but I really cant be bothered with the hassle. more sought after and desireable 2737e 6015 block- is bare has really good bores, has new cam bearings in complete with 4 matching 2737e rods with I *think* uprated rod bolts. matching 6 bolt crank to suit as well 6 bolt flywheel again top condition so block , rods, crank and flywheel. all in great condition ready to be built again. let me know I am in London/kent would prefer cash upon collection- £200 , pm me or get me on 07969696746 if you want to.
  15. Bump . £200 the lot collected before it goes back into long term storage..
  16. we have this. we wont get a mk3 just not our thing. So this can go. its all to go together and strictly collection only from London/kent no postage whatsoever there is the following as shown mk3 GXL twin lamp grille - the grille is in great great condition, for the age. straight minimal marks, but obviously it is used. complete with proper GXL badge. matching twin lamp backplates, and headlamps. now these are past it. BUT one is more saveable than the other? could be of use to use as templates? pictures say it all. also included is a square lamp grille . has a little damage in the top corner. believe its an early one. the seller here is the twin lamp grille I think. I need it all gone together not splitting ,hopefully will have a hassle free sale on here? if not ebay it will be. price is £250 the lot. feel free to make a close offer but to be honest this price is reasonable for what you are getting. collect from London / kent any questions please PM me thanks A044E602-98D5-4A56-9D45-62F9534BC6B9 by , 21171B71-D756-4E26-98DD-754EEE58CCC6 by , D6CC31B6-402B-4149-847C-CEE30E678C83 by , 428131AE-040B-48C7-9638-D9450F9F5F32 by , 95A15179-24C2-4BC6-8018-31A292E61945 by ,
  17. i fitted the trims last. my hands still pay the price for that mistake lol
  18. slammed

    mk1/2 steel wheels

    got four in se london- £100 the set. have rubbish tyres but great wheels as they are all straight etc.
  19. hans do you have any super exterior trim? 2 door and 4 door as both my mk1's are in need of spares, if you have any used ones let me know :)
  20. i have surplus 6x 5.5 proper 1600e wheels. realisticly 4 are good to have a quick spruce up and go. two ( full chrome and one without a centre cap) are spares only a little bit dented they are. the other four are good though. chrome is lovely , so a good basis. 4 good caps. £125 the lot - collect from London/kent only please. please ring me on 07969696746 if you are interested. thanks BB2C1512-2F02-473A-AB76-FEFA54E0B385 by , on Flickr B5CAE182-ACC4-47E5-AB84-9B6F58FF09F0 by , on Flickr 682E7BC5-9E0D-4CF5-8196-6B22B4CAEB78 by , on Flickr D994F559-1E5F-41E8-BC31-67B9A98E154A by Gavin Bhurji, on Flickr
  21. I got one, but its not really the best chrome . be only asking £30 for it.
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