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  1. Will still be reachable on here for anyone needing anything
  2. Hi all, I have started a facebook page which will hopefully make it easier for people needing spares to get in contact with me as I don't really use these forums too much anymore. Please feel free to join. https://www.facebook.com/groups/485550612063486/
  3. Hi all, for sale on behalf of a friend, beautiful Cortina Mk2 1600 GT Crayford. The car is very clean all around and the interior is very original. Low mileage car. More pictures can be provided if needed. Please pm any enquiries.
  4. Hi all having a big clear out, thousands of spares available for all models of Cortina Mk1 and Mk2, selling cheap as have far too much stuff. Please pm any enquiries thanks Chris
  5. Hi all I am after a MK1 Lotus/ GT gearbox remote, please pm me if you can help.Cheers
  6. Hi all, i am after a new 2 door Mk2 rear quarter panel. If anyone can help please send me a pm. Thanks
  7. Hi, got a 7/11 block complete with crank, rods, pistons etc. looks like it has had a rebuilt, also got the head. Pm me if interested. Thanks
  8. This is the twin pipe that goes from the pump to the webber dcoes. 100% ethnol proof. High quality braded steel pipes with banjo ends. £65. Please pm enquiries. Thankyou
  9. hi yes got a pre air flow manifold, it would have to be £60 plus postage thanks
  10. hi any mk1 doors n/s 4 door

  11. hi Having a clear out thousands of cortina spares for sale new used, and reconditioned . Plenty of new mrk1 panels and plenty of lotus MRK1 AND MRK2 cortina spares and panels,interiors,gear boxes ect, If you are looking for anything please PM me . I will be doing an autojumble at the lakes tour tomorrow and cortina day monmouth next week . see you there regards Chris
  12. hi i have wiring looms please can you message me with your number cheers chris
  13. Hi got one if interested with no sunroof, good condition. £180 please pm if interested, Thanks Chris
  14. Follow link for pictures http://rover.ebay.co...984.m1555.l2649 Hi all I have for sale a Mk2 Cortina 4 door 1300 Maltese Import barn find. 95% complete car, showing 65,000 miles which is believed to be genuine and from a sunny dry climate of Malta which reflects on this being one of the best rust free shells I have seen with only minimal welding been done. Still on original sills, nice unplated inner wings still with original stamp on. The floor, chassis, a-posts and hinge posts being in A1 condition. At some point also had 2 new wings which are also nice. It has been off the road for quite some time but at some point someone has started to restore it, it has had a respray in what appears to be fern green but the original colour looks like super rare seafoam blue. This is also a very rare bench seat column change car, very rare for a 4 door. Interior is nice and complete with un-cracked dash, front bench seat has got quite a bad hole and will need recovering and also needs carpet and a good clean. To sum this car up its a very very very solid car which with a few weeks light work could happily go on the road the way it is. Paint work is presentable but has a few marks and chips here and there. Or this car could be used as a good base for a concourse restoration car and as we all know they become expensive when panels and fabrication work are needed and this car wants for nothing. Could also be used as a donor shell for that rotten 1600E or super rare Savage that you have hiding in your garage. This is the shell for you. This is sold as a project none runner, needs a few parts like carb, ignition leads, exhaust etc. Heater box is also missing but because its a Maltese car I do not think it has ever had one fitted. Bargain, must go as I need space. Advertised on ebay link at top. Cash on Collection can possibly be delivered at right deal. Please message enquiries.
  15. Rob I think I have a mint set of green seats that came out of a spruce green car Chris
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