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  1. I guess the present owner is unaware of the cars history.
  2. Ringer? I think we need to know more!
  3. Thanks Lobby. As it happens I dropped the cylinder head off at Saunders yesterday and they called me this afternoon to say it was ready! Cheers Matt.
  4. Can anyone recommend a machine shop near Southampton? I have a crossflow flywheel and a VW cylinder head that need resurfacing. Cheers, Matt.
  5. Good to hear you're still making progress on the MK2 Johnny. Fingers crossed for the gearbox.
  6. Thanks beeper. They're quite expensive though at nearly £56 for two plates. Chestnut-registrations are £35 delivered. They've told me they need the V5 and ID but haven't clarified if that's the original documents or if emailed copies are sufficient. I got fed up with waiting for an answer so have just ordered the plates from Plates for Cars at £47.48 with the postage but no documents required. Hopefully the quality will be ok!
  7. My MK2 is now registered and I'm going to be needing some black and silver number plates. Can anyone recommend a supplier? Cheers Matt.
  8. I'm not sure why but I really like that MK4. Looks like it was modded circa '88. MK3 estate is cool! Would love one of those!
  9. Could be battery. Are the headlights bright when you turn them on or dim? Check all earth's and make sure battery terminals are clean and tight.
  10. That is crazy. He must be mixing the paint on the floor as even if his work bench was clear he couldn't get anywhere near it.
  11. If you're posting from an Android phone I've found that a screen shot of the original photo is smaller. Then just crop the new image as required and post. May not work for you though and there's probably an easier way.
  12. And I thought my workshop was untidy!
  13. Nice looking car. Did you move the Granada on?
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