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  1. Just wondering. Why is it an issue?
  2. Are these the same as MK2 struts Johnny?
  3. I was thinking if you can't use the S2 screen anyway there isn't much to lose! I think I'll be giving it a go on mine.
  4. Is this a possible solution? A guy on Dodgecharger.com sanded 1/16" off his rear quarter glass starting with 60grit and working up to a 180. Could be worth trying before buying a Series 1 screen.
  5. I just realised the Mk1 was built by Downstairs Dave. What a car that is!
  6. They do look mint. You must be over the moon with those!
  7. Congratulations on purchasing your car or cars? Can you post up any pics?
  8. I didn't know you could buy them new but Dave supplied mine. (Ford cortina.com on here)
  9. I'm using an iPhone and I'm not seeing your provider on this post at all.
  10. nascar66

    mk1 mk2 parts

    It's working for me.
  11. Oh man that's a big deal. I hope you win and get that Cortina👍🏻
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