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  1. I would also like to see more pics of the Cortina. Do you have a build thread on the Escort at all?
  2. Really interesting thread. I'd like to hear more about your race cars and on track experiences. And a build thread on your savage rep would be great!
  3. Those kitchen tables do make great workbenches!
  4. What a car. The underside is incredible. I assume it has very low miles and has been garaged all its life!
  5. Coming along nicely. Keep the pics coming Johnny.
  6. Very impressive. That dust cap came out great!
  7. Sounds like you've got a nice usable classic there. The paint has a bit of patina which is nice as you don't need to worry too much about scratching it. What's the plan now? Are you still going to move it on?
  8. Well done for getting this back on the road while having another project on the go.
  9. I will echo what others have said. You have the skills or at least the ability to turn your hand to virtually anything as demonstrated in this thread. I do understand though why you would want to farm this job out as there really is a lot of work involved in painting a car!
  10. Which engine are you running? I think the water pump on the 2 litre Mondeo will run the wrong way after the pas and Aircon pump have been removed and needs the focus or escort 1.8 pump fitting although apparently some have used the pump backwards without issue. Even so you would probably get some flow through the heater matrix.
  11. With your skills Johnny I bet you could make a nice factory appearing but custom sump guard!
  12. On this site I would say. Saves all the faff on eBay!
  13. Yep, I could read it on my phone. Thanks for posting!
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