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  1. And I thought my workshop was untidy!
  2. Nice looking car. Did you move the Granada on?
  3. I'm always impressed with how much you get done Johnny. Keep the updates coming. It's a shame that someone fitted speakers to the door panels!
  4. Johnny boy has done it. Have a search for his thread on his MK1. Probably in the members cars section!
  5. Nice score on those parts. Shame about the body work being delayed but hopefully it will be worth the wait.
  6. You must be looking forward to seeing it paint Johnny. Do you know how long it will take? Also, is that a Holden you've got there? I think we need some details. 👍
  7. Thanks Johnny. I have used those in the past. I'll give them another try!
  8. How to you take car of the surface rust Johnny? I've been sanding and wire wheeling and using carbide bits which takes ages.
  9. I was only going to MOT it to get in the system so less likely it will need inspecting. It's is all original and standard though!
  10. Let us know how you get on with the registration Johnny. I take it no one is going to inspect it in person if they've asked for photos? I still haven't registered mine as I was going to MOT it first!
  11. I like it. It might look good just polished up! Which ever you route go with its going to look cool I think!
  12. I think you did alright there Johnny!
  13. Is it the red one that was on eBay Johnny?
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