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  1. I didn't know you could buy them new but Dave supplied mine. (Ford cortina.com on here)
  2. I'm using an iPhone and I'm not seeing your provider on this post at all.
  3. nascar66

    mk1 mk2 parts

    It's working for me.
  4. Oh man that's a big deal. I hope you win and get that Cortina👍🏻
  5. Hi, I would be interested in some of the parts you have. Ignition switch for one 👍🏻
  6. Great news John. Enjoy your new car.
  7. I just read the description again and there is link to more detailed photos.
  8. Thought I'd stick this up here as its where I got my car from. Jason at Koskin Imports. A great guy to deal with. It is over your budget but compared to my car which would have been within your budget it is much better. If you ask him I'm sure he will send you lots of detailed photos. He did for me anyway. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/163030567274 Matt.
  9. I bought my mk2 from a trader in Finland in August 2016. It needs new paint and recommissioning although I'm just going to polish it up for now but after shipping to the uk it was under £2000 so you may be lucky.
  10. Nice. Soon to appreciate in value I should think. A mate of mine has bought a Porsche as an investment.
  11. Oh no you've got me considering the Mx5 engine again now. Already got the zetec and Rx8 box. Engine is still in the car (Mondeo) and using as my daily at the moment!
  12. Or use an adaptor plate with the Mazda box?
  13. nascar66

    MK4 for sale

    That is very nice!
  14. That's a beauty! I didn't know there were differences between series 1 & 2 doors.
  15. nascar66

    Mark 2 1300

    That's a real shame. I hope things improve for you real soon so you can get another one!
  16. That is exactly the sort of car I want. It's in one of the best colours and that engine would make it awesome to drive. I'm looking at spending up to £3.5k though so that one is out of reach for me unfortunately. There is another on here for sale that is within my budget but I can't get hold of the seller. So maybe it's sold. I'll consider anything that is solid and mostly complete. Cheers for the link!
  17. I'm after a Mk2 Cortina 2dr. Needs to be a solid car either on the road or needing some work though I'm not looking for a major project. I'm in Southampton so hopefully will find a suitable car in the south. If anyone fancies a '94 Mini Cooper I'm selling mine soon so could do a swap/px with cash either way? Cheers, Matt.
  18. Hey Nick, If you do come across another Mk2 give me a shout please. I'm after a solid 2dr car on the road or needing some work but not too much welding. Cheers, Matt.
  19. Hi Martin, You have an email and pm waiting for you. Tried to text you also but the message came back undelivered. Cheers, Matt.
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