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  1. It's a rubber paint, I thought it might help keep sound resonance down, and also be a bit softer if I catch my knee on it. Thanks for the other kind comments.
  2. I have most of them. But many of the in-progress photos were posted at the time then discarded. Work on PAL rarely stops... here is the last 12 months or so: Engine rebuild after losing the water pump belt (and having a truck behind me so couldn't stop): Complete gearbox rebuild with tasty rally ratios: Replaced the Tex mirrors with genuine Mk4 door mirrors: I abandoned the Wellers as I struggled to get them balanced well enough, especially when towing. I went back my Superlite replicas, powder coated white: Having cooked on hot days a couple of times, the polycarb rally windows were replaced with original door drop glass: Fitted a genuine South African bonnet as the fibreglass Aussie one warped: After the "Minder" Capri caught fire, MarkyMark came to help and we finally finished the engine bay fire extinguisher system: The millboard door cards got kind of saggy, so I made these custom door cards from checker-plate alloy:
  3. That's good to know, thanks!
  4. Next Friday my old web hosting contract lapses, and it's too expensive to renew. Sorry in advance, all the photos in this thread are going to disappear. :(
  5. Very nice work Brian. As the roof paint is so nice, I would wait a while before deciding whether to go BVR. A Mk3 with BVR and side trim is a very different looking car to a base or L model with clean lines. One day I shall make a trip to Malta and see the car in the flesh!
  6. I've recently fitted ARP studs. I've bought too many sets fo stretch bolts over the years. Non-stretch ware £75 for a set so the £120 for studs aren't so bad. I found it much easier to locate the head with studs, but then I use an overhead hoist - so I can just lower down and make sure the studs engage.
  7. There's oodles of space behind the pulley. In fact I may take another 5mm off the back to push it further back. But yes, hex bolts would be better, will look at that.
  8. If I could change one thing about my car it would be to have a couple of classic car mates within a couple of miles so we could hang out at each other's garages. My resto thread kind of fills that gap, but only when there's feedback to keep my mojo going. The days of putting up a post and getting 6 or 8 replies are long gone, and at times I'm posting and the last two or three posts are mine. Rich - good idea, I could do that, don't want to cut off people who'll otherwise not see any updates. Especially as I think Dave.com said you can paste links from Facebook-hosted images... and yes, you can! Mike's DOHC pulley drilled and tapped and the trigger wheel Pete-H made for me fitted: and trial-fitted on the Pinto:
  9. Oh no, you don't get rid of me that easily! 🙂
  10. It's been 7 years, there's 271 pages with 5,732 photos! I think it's the second longest ever topic, behind Swampy. Quite staggering really. But for a number of reasons it's time to draw this thread to a close. I've set up a Facebook page for the continuation of the project PAL - the endurance rally Mk3 Cortina where I'll be doing some more in-depth posts and videos.
  11. 1.4mb is huge. The wet string that passes for internet here in Wales would struggle with that size of images. The ones I upload of PAL tend to be around 0.1mb. Solution - resize your photos - make them smaller width & height, and increase compression level - both will reduce file size.
  12. Nice work from the admin team. Now I can upload photos direct from my phone! On Tuesday I delivered the boot lid and bonnet for dipping.
  13. Yes, Craig is the man when it comes to Cortina locks and keys. For PAL I found a NOS ignition barrel and key on ebay. Craig re-keyed the rest of the car to match the new key.
  14. I bought a new boss for a Mk3 maybe 4 years ago, so I expect they are still selling them. They're usually at the NEC show. I wandered into their stand and left with a lovely steering wheel but a few pounds lighter in the pocket.
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