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  1. john Neale's user name on here is..........rhigos
  2. decided to go out and buy a new camera tomorrow morning, so I can sort the photos out.................
  3. have to apologize to those of you I've promised photos. broke my memory card inside the camera...bought a new card....can't get the old one out. please have a bit of patience....i'll get there in the end.
  4. if you email them to me i'll post them for you. hartland624@btinternet.com
  5. has anyone got a front seat from a mk4 gl in cloth/vinyl in pale blue....
  6. these items are still for sale.........anyone interested or i'll put them on e-bay.
  7. sorry gents....I've not received pm's from either of you send me an email...............hartland624@btinternet.com
  8. anyone interested in buying either of the items described here. mk2 series 2 bonnet in reasonable condition....only poor areas are pinholes through the lip on the front edge where water could seep in behind the chrome strip. Easy lead or filler repair. 175 pounds. mk2 slam panel that bonnet shuts down against....never been fitted to car....in brown primer with superficial scratches through storage. 150 pounds.
  9. wheels and hub caps now sold....and have been collected.
  10. are you going to call here for them....live just outside bridgend.
  11. set of 5 5 and half j steel wheels, dipped, pickled and painted 2 years ago and have been covered in my garage ever since....never been on car since done. 500 pounds collection only, or you organize courier, or will deliver free of charge to Stratford at mk1 nationals. also available set of 4 brand new hub caps for same at 50 pounds if bought with wheels. 65 ponds if bought separately.
  12. what car is that off....
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