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  1. Used them many times especially over the last three tears. Fantastic could not do without them! Always very knowledgeable helpful and considering done voluntary delivery times more than reasonable.
  2. ada

    wheel tub

    Offside rear outer wheel tub housing for mk2 please anyone?? Thanks
  3. If three of the wheels locked out on the rollers he doesn't need to put the brake test weight in it is an automatic pass and will not ask him to put it in on the screen. ;)
  4. CML627H Ford, Cortina, Car, Petrol, 1.6 , , , , , Chassis No. : BA96KS73374 Engine No. : BA96KS73374
  5. Yes a very nice guy, had some mk2 panels off him not cheap but all genuine ford and absolutley mint!!
  6. a bit disappointed now! :( but to be serious: if they are a matching pair they could come from a MK1 Super :clown: That's not a pair - back to hooters again - it's two shots of the same horn from different angles. It's getting a bit like a carry-on film this item. Did Motorcraft exist in the '60's though - if not, can't be off a MK1? Looks very much like off anglia 105E
  7. Another so called enthusiast just in it for himself and the pound signs!!!!!!! He Had me over also, not what you would expect to happen from someone off here!!!!!! just lies ,lies and more lies.
  8. Poor connection in the bullet connections on inner wing probably. poss earth
  9. ada

    mk2 estate

    Yes he did, but was other side, but thanks
  10. ada

    mk2 estate

    I am looking for a nearside rear quarter panel for a MK2 estate, new if poss but would consider very good used, all help appreciated.
  11. Bought mine from here, fitted no prob. http://www.s-v-c.co.uk/prod_securon.html
  12. ada

    mk2 headlamp panel

    Yep that be the one Dave. :D
  13. ada

    mk2 headlamp panel

    still looking!
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