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  1. <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="TIB3300" data-cid="675969" data-time="1533233390"><p> <br /> That is a rear sump bowl , Frankie . that's the rear of the x member :thumbup:</p></blockquote> I was hoping you had not noticed my error Tony.👍 Frankie
  2. Can you not get a rear bowl sump for it Tony? Frankie
  3. <span rel='lightbox'><img src='https://image.ibb.co/n4fE6n/Screenshot_20180414_141418.jpg' alt='Posted Image' class='bbc_img' /></span> Thats better!!!
  4. Bloody photos!!! 😠😠😴
  5. https://ibb.co/eMhSR Those steel ones you have on there remind me of these Tony, 1970 Challenger R/T Frankie
  6. Well, the v6 axle is now up at the transmission specialists to have the diff rebuilt. New bearings throughout! It began making a horrible noise so the koln axle went back in. The cover plate had rotted out leaving a lovely hole for the axle oil to drain out of. I was far from amused!! Should have the axle back next week then back under the car to switch it back over! Frankie
  7. Agreed! 30 mins out and engine stripped?? No chance Out and bolted to stand, yep. Frankie
  8. I want a set of those for ENO! Likey very much
  9. Rebuild Jayne, it whines. Very annoying. Had to put the koln back in. Hole appeared in the diff cover and it dumped the oil out of it. Frankie
  10. As above really, anyone know roughly how much it costs to have an mk5 atlas rebuilt? Frankie
  11. Got my copy today! Well done Jayne! Full credit to you. Really chuffed for ya! Frankie
  12. Oh yes, goes so much better in all aspects including mpg. Frankie
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