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  1. frankie2.8

    mk5 lower rear suspension arms

    No problem Richard 🖒
  2. frankie2.8

    Atlas diff cover MK3/4/5

    You have PM Steve let me know how much in total. 🖒🖒
  3. frankie2.8

    Atlas diff cover MK3/4/5

    Superb Steve! 20 including post? Or plus post? Frankie
  4. frankie2.8

    mk5 lower rear suspension arms

    Got some here too. They need a clean up and paint though. Frankie
  5. frankie2.8

    Atlas diff cover MK3/4/5

    Does anybody happen to have a spare, decent non leaky diff cover for 2.3 Atlas they are willing to part with? Frankie
  6. frankie2.8

    15 inch performance alloys. ..

    Oh joy! I was too slow again! Those would have looked nice on ENO. 😭 Frankie
  7. frankie2.8

    2.0 zetec silver or blacktop

    Hello chaps! Looking for a mk1 or mk2 Mondeo 2.0 zetec complete engine for ENO. Decided it is time to loose the pinto and have something a bit more modern in there. Not fussed about the inlet side of things as will be running carbs. Hopefully not to far from Southampton/Pompey area would be great. Cheers chaps! Frankie
  8. frankie2.8

    mk3 1.6 gxl

    Was this the white one off ebay? Frankie
  9. frankie2.8

    Boot spoiler

    Theres a mk4 one on ebay dave
  10. frankie2.8

    Breaking My Mk4

    Its the bits that live between the bumper and the front wheel bud Frankie
  11. frankie2.8

    Breaking My Mk4

    Do you have the side mouldings that go on the front wings? Dad needs some fkr his as they are missing on his. Frankie
  12. frankie2.8

    1979 2.0 GL for sale

    Cant find the pics fella! Frankie
  13. frankie2.8

    Cortina MK5 1.6L

    Lovely looking car!! Frankie
  14. frankie2.8

    Fuse box inner cover mk5

    Has anybody got a spare clear plastic fuse cover? The one that sits under the black cover in the engine bay? Blew a fuse on the way back from work the other week and I'm buggered if I can find it! Thanks chaps Frankie
  15. frankie2.8

    V6 engine and box

    Hmmm!!! Maybe an option!! 👍