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  1. great job ill be watching this one , not fond of dragoon red myself it will look great in Monaco red just a thought ,as for the air filter we use a merc colour for the wheels and the air filter code is 744 I think your find thats close .
  2. Thanks Mark I will if thats ok have a good Xmas catch up next year
  3. ill go to the yard were it was next week see if its still there maybe try and buy it , I know it means nothing but I remember it being white ill let you know .
  4. theres a RHD 2 door in clacton on sea been in a yard for at least 10 years John chapman from the 1600e club tried to buy years ago ill try and find the reg no and see if its for sale
  5. Hi Jim no they don't ,in fairness I did think it might be to heavy but thought it was worth an ask thanks mate .
  6. Hi guys dose anyone know how much I can tow ,I have a small ish caravan which is 1200ks can I pull it with a Mk2 1600
  7. Keith's right Monaco red is deff he best that's the colour f my old lotus .

    Woody estate

    Hi Hans yes I think so I have too many cars not as many as you I know but I want to concentrate on the the others .

    Woody estate

    After a lot of thought Iv dis to sell my woody estate ,as you may know Iv had the car for a few years now the cars in great condition it's got a new rebuilt 1500 engine & Lotus rims ,it has been lowered 2 inches this is an original woody well known to the club as far as we know its the oldest woody known , it has an mot but does need a few small jobs doing , I have some old paper work for it and am in contact with the first owner , the cars very solid no welding needed I want £8000.00 for the car no offers , I'm in Essex your welcome to come and have a look if no interest ill put it on E bay message me if your interested or e mail colinrnk@btconnect.com .

    Rear axle mk1

    Hi Steve long time, Steve how long have I been doing these cars I think I might know were they go by now, must catch up soon mate regards Colin.
  11. No just the 10volt but they work ok in a 5volt car not not the right reading when full but ts when there empty then it really matters , best way is just change the stabiliser to a 10volt on the back of the speedo ..
  12. Not yet but if you send me your old one I can renew it or you same price or exchange
  13. I keep getting asked for petrol tank senders I know how hard they were to get ,there's one on e bay for over £250.00 so Iv had 10 made if anyone wants one there £60.00 each plus post if so message me or phone 01255 475825 ps I'm also looking at doing the early mk2 senders as well if interested let me know .
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