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  1. thanks mick, they're just a bumch of assholes and like to ruin genuine honest peoples lives. to be honest if they get battered by someone or run over by a bus my heart wouldn't bleed for them

    rant over, how are you and how's RAX coping with the winter hope all is well


  2. hi ash sorry to hear about your burglary . the bas---ds. my son got turned over last year. as long asyour all safe. cheers mick.

  3. Hi Mick

    Thats great mate, still waiting for you to put some pics up on here lol. Did it go through its mot ok and do you use it on a daily basis? yhave you done anything more to it or kept it standard.

    I cant drive at the moment had more surgery last year ansd it didnt go too well other than that fine mate. get some pics up!!!


  4. hi ash hope ur feeling ok rax is still running great. cheers mick.

  5. :headscratch: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: fantastic car
  6. all people like you do is put the price up unfair to the normal punter who just wants to buy a old ford for himself,think i will place a wanted ad then just stick them on ebay for a profit Try it , a lot harder than you think and of course you may have to give up your normal job to devote enough time to doing it and then risk all your savings on buying cars . Also Batty will sometimes be selling cars that otherwise would have been left to rot in garages or gardens -selling them to someone who values them will mean they usually get restored and back in use. Though often he sells complete cars that would have made more money by being stripped for parts. i agree with Dave tbh if it wasnt for people like Rob going out there and searching for these cars it might be harder for the normal punter to buy one, hats off to Rob ur doing a fantastic job mate Ash
  7. ash5896

    my mk2

    cheers dad it was a build up of frustration over the past months but after these words and totally unexpected support ive come to me senses see you all in the coming weeks ALL THE BEST DANNY Glad you decided to keep it. fab looking car
  8. so am i i might get a drink if it sells. You had a drink, a can of diet coke !!! Dont be tight Rob,,,, drop him a few tea bags off fantastic looking car Rob good luck with it
  9. ash5896

    Cortina 1600E

    sent the v5 off now postcode was derby 24 it think and is it sinfin???? or something like that
  10. ash5896

    Cortina 1600E

    definately not me was really sad to see it go off
  11. ash5896

    Cortina 1600E

    what a sad day its gone RAX66G has now left Yorkshire and gone to Derbyshire just hope things change for me so i can get another when circumstances are better :rofl: couldnt bare to go and see it off had to get mrs to get me pic
  12. ash5896

    Cortina 1600E

    im regretting it already but if it wasnt for the change in my circumstances i wouldnt spent loads on it too :winner: :tears:
  13. ash5896

    Cortina 1600E

    why the hell do you get so many stupid questions from ebay when you list something feel like taking it off there e.g where are you? when it tells you on the listing is the buy it now price the buy it now price???? :microwave: :microwave: :microwave: :playball: :playball: :D :winner: :tears: :angel_not:
  14. ash5896

    Cortina 1600E

    to be honest its hard to sell things at mo if it dont sell it will only increase in value hopefully so fingers crossed
  15. ash5896

    Cortina 1600E

    now on ebay click here
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