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  1. 2 hours ago, johnny boy said:


    Sorry to here you have an injury that makes working on your car difficult.

    In that case , ask around at local car meetings/shows for any recommendations from local owners.

    There's a few retired  old school body guys about , who like working on older cars 😗

    Also some very accomplished car owners , who might be up for the repair work.

    Where are you based ?

    I’m in Bradford. There’s not much going on here in terms of older cars. My last car didn’t need any work at all just a repaint so was straightforward. I’m really limited to what I can do but always try and attempt what I can. 

  2. I’ve never attempted something like that before but yeah your right Most won’t touch it. The other sides ok but as John Mack has mentioned it does look as if it’s been done before. I didn’t realise that but now it makes sense. Not sure why though,  it looks pretty solid and there’s no holes on the other side.

    I’m not too bad with DIY but never attempted welding. Plus with a spinal cord injury not a good idea 

  3. Was rubbing the rear wheel arch down as there was a little bit of bubbling. Turned out it wa snore than a bubble. 
    what would you do with this? Would it be a repair or shall I replace it with a new arch?



  4. Right so probably an old alarm. Before my time then I’ve never seen one like this before the first alarms I can recall were Moss I think I remember my dad having one in his Sierra and I used to love playing around with it when someone walked past by switching it on and off from the front room. 

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  5. On 9/18/2019 at 1:34 PM, consul315 said:

    i guess that anodising will cost a fortune? not sure what´s the current rate for a nos one, but maybe cheaper and better result in the end?

    I’ve not come across one as of yet. I saw one just before Christmas but it was taken off before the actual end of the auction

  6. I’m in the process of removing the fuel tank today. I found this electrical connection for something which I have no idea what it is. The wires run under the carpet so have not been able to follow them and in the petrol cap area there’s some sort of switch that is controlled by the key.

    Any thoughts please as I have no idea. There’s no key either that fits this with the keys I was given either so even more confusing 


  7. I want to restore the grill on the GXL can anyone point me in the right direction of where to start please? It does have a lot of tiny dents on it in various places. 

    Can it be done DIY or shall I leave it to a professional?

  8. If anyone’s been watching Deepwater on itv (wednesdays 9pm) did you spot the cortina parked up in the background on someone’s drive?

    looks like a GXL in white similar to mine 

    The episode tonight is the one I spotted this Mk3 in.

    km getting good at this spotted a Mk3 light in Corrie now this 🙈


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  9. I had a quick look under the wing today it doesn’t look bad but I found a bit of rust just wandering if this could be repaired or is it a wing removal job and getting a professional to do it? I can’t to welding or anything major just the basics and then only if I’m up to it with my back.

    my lads 14 now and he loves working on it so I get him to chip in


    tbe first photo is of the inner wing 



  10. I tried the petrol method and it’s actually quite good. Only did a small bit just to check how it turns out. I’m planning on doing on a decent day now as last couple of weeks have been really busy with the roof leak. 

    Mill update once done and thanks for the advice again.

  11. I was looking  around in the engine bay earlier and some of the wiring looks like it’s been spliced in places for various connections. Would it be a good idea to just got those ends off or replace the loom around the engine Bay Area? I’m not sure what some of the wires are for despite trying to trace where they go. 

    Is it easy to get a replacement loom?

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