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    Cortina 1600E

    Ford Cortina 1600E 1 former keeper since 1968. Due to change of circumstances unfortunately she has to go.i've looked at all other options. i know its going to go at a loss but i'm gutted. i'd like to give anyone on here first refusal and hopefully if things change for me i might be able to get it back or another one. the car was recently resprayed from bare metal and comes with a comprehensive photo album of the work carried out, this was not cheap either i have receipts for this too. I have the original Registration document (log book) for the car as well as the new V5 showing 1 former keeper.Also with the car are some of the tax discs from 1969 onwards unfortunately some are missing i'm led to believe this is when it was not on the road. the car is taxed till 31/07/09 and was mot'd only last week so has MOT till April 2010 an advisory was issued for n/s/f tyre close to legal limit other than that nothing. the most recent work carried out to the car is new front rear brakes inc rear wheel cylinders, front calipers rear brake pipes, new stainless steel exhaust,full service inc plugs,points,dizzy cap etc, carb fully serviced plus other bits have invoice totalling £756.00 for the work carried out. I have spent a lot of money on the car there is afew things if you want to be picky that it can do with i.e headlining cleaned or replaced, chrome could do with cleaning other than there is nothing else to do. the paintwork is beautiful on the car there is one little scratch on the o/s/r door but wouldnt cost more than a few quid to sort out. I dont think it will take much more to make this car a show winner. its has only had two bits of welding since new as far as i can see all jacking points chassis rails sills etc are solid. the inner wings and strut tops are solid too the original number can be seen on strut top. the engine bay was painted in matt black as my intention was to chrome a lot of the engine bay but due to change of circumstances its not going to happen. the price i am asking is more than reasonable for the car the recent expenditure on the car alone amounts to over 3.5k and i am selling at a loss. it does have an agreed valuation of 5k but this was before it was repainted so obviously this should be more now when you insure it.im looking for around £4250 please only ring if you are genuinley interested. you are more than welcome to come and view the car.you can call me on 07958 335335 or email me on here but i dont come on line much so please be patient for me to get back to you
  2. nice car Rob good luck :winner: :thumbdown:
  3. ash5896

    windscreen rubber

    wuld recommend that too 1600e owners club also fantastic for other parts too
  4. ash5896

    mk1 lotus

    to be honest if his looking for 40 odd thousand dollars its way too much :winner: :cheers: :cheers:
  5. ash5896

    mk1 lotus

    thought that too! how much would that be in £'s cos its not met it's reserve yet either. nice to see it had full tank of fuel (mind you, you would at their prices) :ph34r: :rofl:
  6. ash5896

    mk1 lotus

    just saw this though tsome of you may want to have a look too click here
  7. ash5896


    :cheers:hi there again would anyone be able to advise me where to get bumbers and handles rechromed from for a cortina mk2 any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance Ash :winner: sorry i posted in wrong forum
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