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  1. Cool, was it a running engine bud?
  2. Howdy all, I'm in need of a complete 1600 pinto head please if anyone has one Cheers Mike
  3. Duuuuuuuuuude that's barley scratching the surface in Oz and cortinas :) dig deep and enjoy
  4. Update time, Due to an injury i suddenly find myself with time on my hands lol so heres an update on the goings on, i'll start with the mk3 firts Right well as i left of last with the random runnig issue and nneding a remap you'll remember she became a bitch when cold for the first minute soooooooooo i hatcheded an idea, the car still had its choke cable, all be it wound up and hidden behind the dash sooooo i unwound it and ran it back through the bay to the throttle and cable tied it on, Your Zip tie moment lol, hey presto i have a modern "fast idle" lol Since i did this i also brought a genuine scrap yard ICV and think my cheap ones weren't helping the issue however not got around to map playing again as the cars working well i did'nt want to mesh it up least till the winter lol Also i finally got around to having the factory 4 branch modded by removing the emission tubes and modding the engine mount for clearance, help from some work buds and welders sorted them however cause this hangs lower than the cast item i know need to mod my exhaust as it hangs a bit too low now lol so next on the list but hopefully better breathing hits the extra 8BHP i need for 200 lol We'd noticed at the mot that my exhaust was very close to my rear flexi, its a custom exhaust an dhow we had'nt spotted it before hell knows but after a few ideas of what to do we decided a bit of left over exhaust wrap would do the trick, a work bud had not long done his suburu legacy and had some left over .... on the looks side the dash had had a section cut out years ago and its always kinda bothered me so arter a few ideas over the years i think i've found one that i like, vynl sticker, for a fist attempt i'm happy at the out come and it definalty neatens it up so i call job well done. i never made tina due to boring reasons but i did manage to see a friend off and cruised with him for a few miles :) i've had a few heating issues first was a dead stat second was a duff fan switch not kicking in the fan when needed, one advantage to modern equipment in an old car is when you need to know the engine temp the laptop is handy lol so after a few tests to confirm a new switch was installed and test drive of course was required i'll leave with a few pics of Me and my Grease monky having fun and one of big grease monkey and monkey posing lol Cheers for following Mike :thumbup:
  5. Wow just caught up with this as not been on here for ages, super work as always and well done on the mag article, first copy of classic Escort i mean ford i've brought in ages :thumbup:
  6. Wagons for heros dude lol :superman: serioulsy handy lol
  7. Cheers dude :thumbup: I try and take as many pics as poss cause they are aways good for referance as well as story telling lol they are an . tbh it did'nt do too badly considering but it would drip on the belt and cause it to slip so having it all in one now is a bit benefit. Mike
  8. John i had completely forgotten about that! i'll have to dig it out now and get it on, i do have a list of bits needing attention so now you've reminded me i'll add that to it.
  9. no worries :) I got it from a previous employer dude, we used to sell them so i took staff advantage, its awesome.
  10. I've had my Mk3 Since 2003,here is the classic posing picture of 14 year old me lol but the car has been in my family since 1991, My wagon i've had since around 2004
  11. Cheers :) Think mine was off a late modle escort from the local breakers from memory. Just popped out there now and its 60mm or aprox 2.45 inchs across, hope this helps Mike
  12. Well its been ages since an update here soooooo what have we done? well.... not alot tbh, after this we did cortinas at the ace in the old beast then nothing, really nothing the mk3 came back and i used that and the old fella sat and sat...i briefly dragged him out to collect a bed for my daughter but that was it till the last month when i woke him up and started using it daily again, sorted an issue with the starter, added a new sticker and started burning fuel lol i've got to start rebuilding the new head which i had a little surprise up my sleave for, i'm planning on doing this shortly, most mornings i leave my little girl waves me off through the window lol, once again enough waffle here are a few pics... Only a small update but hey a few pics are better than none lol Cheers for following Mike
  13. So update time, well what have i been upto, well since last time the alternator gave up so i replaced that and while there decided perfect time to sort a couple of things we kinda bodged to see if it all worked and make them a permanent fix, sooooo top hose was one, before a glorious Frankenstein but now thanks to bendy hoses now available with a 90 degree bend whola now one top hose, no more weeping :) also i replaced the alt bracket adjuster with one for the fully adjustable ones, not actually a ford one but for a 240Z but hell its perfect, makes what was a pig of a job simple now and both fixes make it look proper and neat, pics below, also i've finally after 9 years installed a proper washer fix, the screen washers were on a flick switch but i've now swapped to the old ignition start button and fixed it into the dash, chuffed as, while i was there i also swapped the plastic grill for a steel one, i spent a couple days cleaning it, not convined but it'll do till my twin one arrives, i was using the old beast daily so i could work through any possible issues and she was spot on...until..on day when it got cold and nope not gonna idle, well after trouble shooting all the obvious i gave up and she went back to the chap who mapped her and she needed some mapping tweaks as since first mapped i have replaced some bits and the seem to have had a knock on, now all is bang on exept when really cold and shes a bit funky for a minute of so but then perfect so not all bad, so enough waffle heres some pics............. Thats as upto date now :) more mods planned to replace the temporary bits we did to shake down the car so keep tuned :) Cheers for following Mike
  14. looking cool dude, seats look great and the engines sitting great
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