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  1. Hi all, (yes I'm still alive. Lol), I'm looking to get some sills for my mk5 estate and cant find any on Ebay at the moment so I've searched the internet and found these ... https://www.tickover.co.uk/shop/contents/en-uk/d139.html I was just wondering if anyone has any experience of this company and if so, what were they like to deal with? I'll nee inner & outer sills for both sides to complete my list of parts needed so I don't want to order them if the company is no good. They are selling 'Magnum Parts' so the parts themselves should be OK. Many Thanks, Aaron.
  2. That's great news ..... I hope now you can start enjoying your Cortina.
  3. A cracking video. Great to see a Lotus Cortina being driven flat out as well.
  4. Hi Dave, If your thinking of selling it can I have first refusal on it please? Many Thanks, Aaron & Family P.S. Hope things are going well for you.
  5. Can you post up some photo's and details of who made it if you get it done, Please? I'd like to be able to get one for my mk5 Estate. Cheers, Aaron.
  6. They come as part of the mk2 Granada rear seat belts. I hope this helps. Good Luck with getting some. Aaron.
  7. Still no more progress on ROH54Y yet as money is far too tight (Getting married in Feb 2017) & my back is screwed up and causing me a lot of pain. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas on how I can get the old paint off my RS 4 Spoke's (Cheaply of for free) so that I can re-furbish them with some new paint? I want to get the wheels done before I try to get new tyres for them. Cheers, Aaron.
  8. I can highly recommend this company to custom make stainless steel exhausts. They will make it to fit your car perfectly (mine needed to be altered from standard to avoid hitting the propshaft that the original, standard exhaust was doing). They will tune the sound to what you want it to be. They will guarantee the exhaust system for the life of the car (as long as the purchaser still owns it). I have one on my Cortina and have had them on various other cars as well. They have branches across the UK. Longlife Exhausts website. I hope this helps. Aaron. :cheers:
  9. Don't go Richard ... You and your input (for so many you've helped) will be sadly missed. I haven't read the post that caused you to make this decision as I've been on holiday with no internet, but I've had problems and even threats on here that ADMIN were able to help me with, so PLEASE consider letting them see what they can do before you do leave. IF you do leave, thenI hope you can find something else where you can help as many people as you have on here and I will keep in touch via Facebook. I for 1 will really miss seeing you on here. Aaron, :cheers: Sam, :cheers: Chloe-Anne, :cheers: Jonathan. :cheers:
  10. Try asking Craig (sheffieldcortinacentre)as he made a set up to match my key before for me. Hope this helps. Aaron. :cheers:
  11. I've used a rubble sack (you can get them from Tesco e.t.c.) on mine held in place with gaffa tape. Works great and is a cheap fix. Aaron. :cheers:
  12. If you can copy them I'll buy a set off you as I've been looking for a set for 5 years now. Cheers Aaron :cheers:
  13. Update time again ... The front panel and valance don't line up with the bolt holes on the wings so I'm going to have to have them cut off and re-welded back on correctly. :thumbdown: They are all genuine FORD parts so it should all line up if fitted correctly. I'm in the process of trying to get some cash together to get the welding done which is proving difficult as every time I get some cash together for her it gets spent on something else (thanks Sam :rofl:) :oops: . It's not looking hopeful for Cortina Day again this year ... I'm getting fed up with waiting for her to get there now. I can't wait to get her back on the road and back onto the show scene again. I will post up when I get some more work done on her and hopefully it won't be too long now. Cheers, Aaron. :cheers:
  14. I use 1 in my daily driver and it mounts onto the windscreen with a suction cup and has a screen to view the images. It uses an SD Card to record onto and automatically wipes earlier recordings when more space is needed on the card. Very good & it can prove you weren't at fault in an accident (if it's in view of the camera where the impact is) as it films in HD. It has an infrared function for nighttime driving as well. Power is supplied by a Cigarette lighter socket. eBay link. Cheers, Aaron. :cheers:
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