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  1. Beeper

    Breaking mk3

    Cheers but you have to buy the rubbers seperate. Still cheaper than ebay.
  2. Beeper

    Breaking mk3

    Sorry for the late reply, shame you don't have the rubbers. All I have is two snapped bolts in the cross piece.
  3. Beeper

    Removed ..now

    Wow!, good job I shaved my head yesterday.
  4. Beeper

    Removed ..now

    I didn't see the ad.
  5. Beeper

    Removed ..now

    Do you have nits?
  6. Beeper

    Removed ..now

    Yes, what happened? You can't leave us wondering like this.
  7. Beeper

    Breaking mk3

    Have you got these?
  8. GBW 678L ✓ Taxed Tax due: 1 August 2020
  9. Beeper

    Wheelarch Liners

    Another Dire Straits situation. I'd have them but You're so far away from me. You're so far I just can't see. You're so far away from me. You're so far away from me,..... alright....
  10. I might have a U shaped one in my lockup so can't get there just yet as only going out to do inlaws shopping and bill paying. I'm not sure if it's from a FL or a pre FL. It came in a box of bits I bought from ebay years ago.
  11. Now he can buy himself a dikshunree and lern that yoo doent spell bawt wid an R!
  12. Beeper

    Breaking mk3

    Thanks anyway.
  13. Beeper

    Breaking mk3

    How good are the headlights and the sidelight bulb holders?
  14. Beeper

    Breaking mk3

    Do you mean a boot trim like mine? Looking at the date on the old ebay pic it tells me that I've owned this car for 13 years now. I think I've done less than a years worth of driving in it truth be told.
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