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  1. I popped into what was the MTOC (as much as an unwanted, unwelcome member can! ) last night and he's no longer listed as their press officer, or even a member. Has anyone seen any activity on his Patreon pages?
  2. Have you tried these guys? https://www.autodismantlersltd.ie/
  3. You could try looking in the scrap yards for Transit vans. As long as you don't mind the triangle not being straight! Not sure about the pins on the back though.
  4. Aye. In that time though, the seal under the brake reservoir decided to empty the contents over the servo, so, 'PastParts' to the rescue there. I posted the job on here a while back. Refitted everything and poured a bit of brake fluid into the reservoir to try and keep the moisture out. Hopefully the seals in the piston are still OK. As for the ivy guy. Well he's a shop fitter so spanners are probably a foreign language to him.
  5. Beeper

    battery ?

    My motor factor (independant guy and his son) could get pretty much anything I needed for my Mk1 Fiesta and sometimes my Cortina but battery wise he only had round posts. He told me that square ones were unavailable. I looked on ebay and found a battery place in Stockport, Cheshire who sold them, so I arranged cash on collection. Drove over there and got a small discount IIRC. For anyone in the NW area who are interested it's, 'Advanced Battery Supplies'.(I have no connection with this company, I'm just passing on the info for other folk who want square lugs) https://advancedbatterysupplies.co.uk/car-battery-fitting-service/ The address is, 2 Avenue St, off Great Portwood St, Stockport, Cheshire. SK1 2BZ. https://www.google.co.uk/maps/place/Advanced+Battery+Supplies/@53.4146812,-2.1516855,958m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x487bb4800ae0cfab:0x89a8ce747bebdad4!8m2!3d53.4143536!4d-2.1530533
  6. I've STILL got to bleed the brakes on my Mk3 to get it back on the road again since about 2014 I think!!. My wife bought me an eezibleed kit about 2 years ago come Christmas but, I have so much 'ess haitch eye tee ee' going on in my life at the moment my Cortina is well on the back burner. At least the guy whos' garden runs the length of the lock ups has finally hacked all the ivy off the wall so maybe the brickwork will dry out now.
  7. Fingers crossed for you.
  8. Framptons. They even do period pressed aluminium plates. https://www.framptonsplates.com/?fbclid=IwAR1r2XUg_uHt32vZ2V-HPPNGBRCxEZnJ49bftr-J02MQ3ABlW0xF8vGrVRU
  9. The Araldite comment was just a joke.
  10. I was thinking of that Craig. I used some 'Holts Liquid metal' on my VW engine block after I put a screw driver through it whilst trying to get the flywheel off. That was before I learnt about all the funky stuff you need for old Veedubs, like flywheel locking tools. I took the engine out before I got rid of it, the camper I mean. Whipped the flywheel off and couldn't even see where my repair was. So I'll use either that or I'll just put a couple of spots on it with my mig.
  11. Cool, thanks for that. Aroldite it is then!
  12. Pete seems to have disappeared from Youtube. Not seen a new video from him for weeks now. Anyone know why?
  13. I agree, it's an ugly duckling. I even said to my Mrs when she thrust a hundred quid in the salesmans hand, "But it's an ugly fooking car!" It does grow on you though. Especially as it's the fastest 1300 I've been in, 1299cc twin cam VVTi and fuel injection. Much nippyer than my 1.6 Mk3 or even my old 2Ltr GT Mk3! Plus, the back seats fold away under the front seats giving you a small van! EDIT: Like this.
  14. That smiley always reminds me of the Nescafe' ad.
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