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  1. Beeper

    Mk3-5 fuel tank

  2. Beeper

    Mk3-5 fuel tank

    How about £50 and I collect?
  3. Beeper

    Mk3 Bits Wanted

    Not the pics I was looking at. edit: Oh, I thought you were talking to me.
  4. Beeper

    Mk3 Bits Wanted

    I'm just waiting for a Chinese petrol tank now.
  5. Beeper

    wanted 4 185 70 13 tyres

    Sorry, I misread the tyre size and thought they were 185/60/13's you wanted. XR2 size, my bad. :blush:
  6. Beeper

    Mk3 2000E / GXL Saloon

    Why not see if the Life On Mars Cortina is for sale again, you can get both models in one car? :lol:
  7. Beeper

    Hazard light & heated rear screen connectors

    Check out some older Transits in a scrappy, if you can find any (or ask on a Transit forum) the triangle is the wrong way around as the switch sits left to right rather than up and down in the dash.
  8. Beeper

    Mk3 4 5 Fuel Tank For Sale

    Hi, over a year late I know, sorry. Do you still have the tank? Mine looks like the middle of a Crunchie bar!
  9. Beeper

    Mk2 Cortina front seats.

    I have been informed, "No longer for sale".
  10. Beeper

    Mk2 Cortina front seats.

    I have no connection to these seats as I'm only posting for a fellow member from another forum so here goes. mk2 cortina front seats leatherette black (rusty bars) good condition material £10 Bridgend South Wales pics to follow bump pics added, its only dust/dirt will clean up So if anybody's interested, let me know and I'll pass it on. Thanks.
  11. Beeper

    ************* PRICE DROP BS ***********

    Oops, misread that......ignore me, I'll get my coat.
  12. Beeper


    Check out his other stuff, all a bit pricey for me I think. £300 starting bid for a Viva engine and box!
  13. Beeper

    MkV Ghia saloon breaking

    Oh! The carpet? How's the carpet and what colour? Cheers again. :thumbup:
  14. Beeper

    MkV Ghia saloon breaking

    How is the rear axle? (if it's for sale) Any clunks grumbles or whines and if not ('cos I've got all them already! ) how much? :cheers:
  15. Beeper

    braking mk5 2.0 ghia

    hello, if yopu have a look at ebay item: 180414269989 number there is a photo of the car are these the type you are after? No mate, sorry. Sports wheel caps are what I'm after, thanks anyway. :jedi: