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  1. My 75 XL is a facelift but has red wing shields. My 76 GT had 2.0 numbers on the wings.
  2. Damn! and I wanted mine to be on it. It's been sat in a damp lockup for about 6 years getting ready for the SOS treatment. edit: I've just watched it. It looks nice now doesn't it? I doubt mine will ever look that good or ever looked that good in the past.
  3. Dissy timing is out a bit I'd say. Slacken the lock bolt off a little bit (just enough for you to move it but it stays put when you let go) and turn the dissy by hand until you get a smooth tickover and try gently revving it by hand. This should sort it I'd think. If that doesn't help I'd be looking at the cam timing, it may be 1 tooth out either way. Line up the bottom pulley at TDC then see where the pointer is on the cam pully (original Pinto pully with 3 holes). It should/would be pointing down (6 o'clock). There is a small dimple in the head for the pointer to line up with. (which we can't see on your 'aftermarket' cam pully picture) I just typed this out on YT then realised I should be on here. Doh! :¬/ This is actually in line but the rad cap gets in the way so I had to take the pic from an angle!
  4. IIRC when I opened my Fiesta Mk1 servo the plastic plug on the end on the pipe from the inlet manifold and the end of the master cylinder both go into, via the 'front shell', the vacuum chamber (power section in the pic). If the seal for the master cylinder is not good the engine will suck air into the chamber via that leaky seal and the servo won't work correctly also the engine will probably run like a dogs dinner. Best pic I could find: Anyhow, if it was mine I'd be filling that groove in with some liquid metal type stuff. Holts used to make it and I used it to repair a hole in my VW crankcase (mag alloy). Years later I removed the engine and couldn't even find my repair.
  5. Let's hope not. The male end of the cylinder that fits into the servo body seems to have a groove machined into it as well. If the seal doesn't fill that gap you've got a massive vacuum leak to deal with and a non working servo I would say.
  6. It'll probably take a bit of persistance. Let the oil soak in for a bit before trying to get it moving. It's probably not as bad as the one I had. It came from ebay in a box of Cortina bits and sat in a lockup for years after I bought it, so it was pretty solid but it all freed up in the end.
  7. Move the fan switch to the off position then pull it out for turbo boost fresh air. As for the top vents, just use a little spray oil/WD on them and jiggle them up and down a bit. They'll soon loosen up. I had one which was pretty well siezed and the WD trick worked, then I gave it to Pete C. My Mk3 is a 'facelift' so it was useless to me.
  8. Why not go the whole hog and throw a Jag/Daimler V12 in there? Now that I'd LIKE to see.
  9. Not exactly the answer I was expecting but.
  10. I was wondering if a new diff cover for a 1975 FL 1600XL Koln axle was available and if so, where from? Just in case mine is actually worse than it looks.
  11. DVLA says Details could not be found. Also, I can't find it on Virgin catchup, channel 445 Talking Pictures. Is that the correct channel? edit: Yes, you've already said that. What day was it on 'cos I've gone back to last Wednesday and can't find it. edit2: I've just been looking into the channel. It's a Father and Daughter setup all done from the garden shed, I kid you not. Mostly showing old forgotten B+W films from the Fathers' own collection.
  12. Mods, you can remove this now if you like.
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