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  1. They're not too easy to find over here either as you can guess from the prices people are charging these days. I hope you get it sorted.
  2. Why not look for a pair of euro lenses seeing as some "American" car manufacturers are now using amber turn signals/indicators? Also, what type/year are you looking for as they changed slightly on the facelift models with Tail and Brake lights using two seperate bulbs and being separated with the indicator on the side. Pre facelift light. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ford-cortina-mk3-Passenger-Side-Rear-Light/274181863340?hash=item3fd68337ac:g:yoIAAOSwSEldhKeI Facelift light. (wrong side for you) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Cortina-MK3-O-S-rear-light-lense/174068422578?hash=item28874957b2:g:WMUAAOSweK9dQe3e A pair of pre facelift lights. This guy is definately pushing his luck with that price I think! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Cortina-Mk3-Pre-Facelift-Rear-Light-Units/274181863406?hash=item3fd68337ee:g:p-wAAOSw99Rdlx~i Why not keep the orange/amber turn lights?
  3. Beeper

    Mk3-5 fuel tank

    How about £50 and I collect?
  4. Beeper

    Mk3 Bits Wanted

    Not the pics I was looking at. edit: Oh, I thought you were talking to me.
  5. Beeper

    Mk3 Bits Wanted

    I'm just waiting for a Chinese petrol tank now.
  6. Sorry, I misread the tyre size and thought they were 185/60/13's you wanted. XR2 size, my bad. :blush:
  7. Why not see if the Life On Mars Cortina is for sale again, you can get both models in one car? :lol:
  8. Check out some older Transits in a scrappy, if you can find any (or ask on a Transit forum) the triangle is the wrong way around as the switch sits left to right rather than up and down in the dash.
  9. Hi, over a year late I know, sorry. Do you still have the tank? Mine looks like the middle of a Crunchie bar!
  10. How much to tighten my diff?

  11. I have been informed, "No longer for sale".
  12. I have no connection to these seats as I'm only posting for a fellow member from another forum so here goes. mk2 cortina front seats leatherette black (rusty bars) good condition material £10 Bridgend South Wales pics to follow bump pics added, its only dust/dirt will clean up So if anybody's interested, let me know and I'll pass it on. Thanks.
  13. Oops, misread that......ignore me, I'll get my coat.
  14. Beeper


    Check out his other stuff, all a bit pricey for me I think. £300 starting bid for a Viva engine and box!
  15. Oh! The carpet? How's the carpet and what colour? Cheers again. :thumbup:
  16. How is the rear axle? (if it's for sale) Any clunks grumbles or whines and if not ('cos I've got all them already! ) how much? :cheers:
  17. hello, if yopu have a look at ebay item: 180414269989 number there is a photo of the car are these the type you are after? No mate, sorry. Sports wheel caps are what I'm after, thanks anyway. :jedi:
  18. Hi, I'm looking for 4 chrome centre caps for the sports wheels, not the older style hub caps, I've got them. Cheers. :icecream:
  19. Sorry Tony, it's not you then Dave! lol I must stop speed reading through posts.
  20. which Dave are you asking?? Err, I might have my wires crossed here. How many Daves are there? The one I bought Mk4 rear springs from, had assisters in them, I forgot my wallet and paid by Paypal with my phone. That Dave. :thumbup:
  21. Hi Dave, I don't suppose you have a black carpet yet? Those back springs I bought from you are great even without the assisters in them and is the seat the type with the big raised square pattern on it?
  22. Beeper


    What colour is autumn leaf exactly? Any pics? I am desperate for a black one but can't find one anywhere and I've lost the link for the £120 carpet supplier! I might have to make do with a lighter one and dye it!
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