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  1. First drive in 10 years 😎 Took it for a good run (about an hour) down some country lanes. Ran really well, really impressed with it
  2. Finally on the move Showtime soon 😎 VID-20240630-WA0000.mp4
  3. Bit more progress today, Fitted exhaust downpipe and centre box Unfortunately the centre didn't come with correct flange, so I've had to order a sleeve for next time Getting very close to the road now, just needs exhaust fix, rear wheel cylinders, a drop of coolant and then its good to go
  4. Look very nice Good luck with the repairs
  5. Maybe, I might have a peek next time
  6. Yeah, I do like an rs2000 . Hopefully it'll be sorted out one day
  7. A few pics of Alan's friends: can anymore identify the blue Ford under blankets?
  8. Bit more progress today, pads back in, brakes bled through. Just need to fit the new exhaust and rear wheel cylinders and then hopefully Alan will be ready for a test drive..😎
  9. Yeah I'd definitely be interested in that I'd also be interested in a centre box if you have one?
  10. Unfortunately couldn't do it today, the top of downpipe is breaking up and needs replacing. We got it running a couple months ago, but it was a bit spluttery (old carb and stale petrol)
  11. Apologies, it is a Massey Ferguson 135. I was gonna get a couple pics of her but my phone died. Maybe next time
  12. A few more bits done this morning; track rod end, a nos vv carb, and exhaust manifold with the correct head shield:
  13. Have this in my workshop if you need it..
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