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  1. 13" chrome rostyle wheels 2 with chrome embelishers and 2 without good condition 205 tyres Yokohama £500 pics to follow 15" Ford Rs 7 Spokes in good condition with tyres £275 been refurbed before I purchased them tyres need pumping up passenger 2 door door new old stock has surface rust £100 might ave various other bits and pieces won't know until I bring the car to my home chrome weller wheel surface rust £30 all this once we get the go ahead that its safe to make movements as mostly everything is on lockdown stay safe
  2. love this mk5 beautiful job glad she's on the road
  3. OMG I totally love it smashing work hats off to you taking the frame out was it just around 4 -6 bolts as I need to have mine done in 2 pack paint due to the glue they use for the hood I've been told need to use 2 pack paint on it
  4. This is coming along love it nearly Their now
  5. Cheers guys When I purchased the car it had a 1.6 pinto lump in it my mechanic told me the engine is no good I looked for a engine and found a early 2.0 pinto think the guy had it in a kit car Old 1.6 engine in engine bay and the replacement one that is in it now at the time was on the floor He didnt take the distributor from the old engine he left it as it is and I sold the old engine few years ago
  6. Thank you Greg much appreciated Now on the hunt for another loom How do I know if its a ghia loom ?
  7. Hi Greg engine loom is original Ive put another interior loom in Car is a manual 5 speed Sierra box
  8. <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="M5Greg" data-cid="673582" data-time="1527099054"><p> <br /> As long as your replacement loom was from a car with rev counter and the auto gearbox inhibitor relay circuit it should be ok, you would have an unused relay which should be for the heated rear window. </p></blockquote> Hi Greg the replacement loom I think was from a basic model and its brand new but dont think it has rev counter I have a spare the loom that I purchased from Craig years ago will try to see if that is any different also the connection plugs to the fuse box might make a difference
  9. <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="sheffieldcortinacentre" data-cid="673555" data-time="1527038194"><p> This may be a little hard to explain but here goes....<br /> <br /> In the next to last pic (showing the dizzy) there's a wire comeing from the condenser (round metal canister ) with a red crimped tube on it going to a black plastic box ( this is a sort of suppressor ) it's got two black wires going into it (by looks of it).<br /> <br /> Split the wire at red tube & join it to the other pair ( bypassing the suppressor) if you then get a spark at points/plugs make a good joint, ( the suppressor fails & thus cuts power to ign ) some have these others don't it wont effect the car & doesn't seem to have any use.<br /> <br /> They wire from the condenser should go straight to the coil (but it looks to have a non ford coil & the wires look to have been altered).<br /> <br /> The std set up would have a black wire comeing from loom to coil then a wire from opposite side of coil to dizzy .<br /> <br /> Unfortunately even with your pics it's hard to tell what's what, so frustrating if we were closer could probably sort in little time.</p></blockquote> Thank you Craig will try that tomorrow afternoon
  10. Those are the cables connected to battery and the last picture shows fan connected direct
  11. I will give it a good look on Sunday, Greg do you think the loom I have fitted is not compatible ? This loom has 2 relays and my replacement one had 3 I still have a spare loom Can I just connect the loom to fuse box and ignition switch and give it another go to start to see if it makes a different
  12. <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="sheffieldcortinacentre" data-cid="673501" data-time="1526938830"><p> Points easy just make sure you get right ones<br /> <br /> Red cap is Bosch,<br /> Black cap motorcraft.<br /> <br /> Coil connectors should be a tight/snug fit, one is larger than the other so "shouldn't "fit on wrong ones.</p></blockquote> Cheers Craig I was suppose to reply to your email but have been extremely busy my apologies
  13. I dont have this cable connected to my battery I need to find it dale had pointed this out I didnt think anything of it but I will need to trace this from the fuse box
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