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  1. Thanks, it looks really helpful. I'm trying to turn it into a CAD pattern so I can get it laser cut. I'm afraid a slip with an angle grinder, some stitches and an extra couple of scars have put me off attempting any more metalwork for a while.
  2. Thanks Craig - is your pattern the one Gareth shared on MTOC?
  3. Hi, Does anyone have the radio tray and side brackets for a PFL mk3 that they'd be willing to sell? I'm after part numbers 11and 12 (x2) in the second picture on this page. https://www.fordopedia.org/parts-catalog/taunus-tc1-cortina-mk3/J6.11 Will take it with a radio too, if you're unwilling to separate the parts. Thanks Rich
  4. Thanks for the replies guys - I missed them until now. I'll need to take my steering cowling off and check which one I have, and will get back to you. Cheers Rich
  5. Hi Does anyone have a spare ignition switch for a mk 3-5 that they would be willing to sell? I'm after the actual electrical switch that mounts to the bottom of the barrel, not the lock and barrel itself. Ideally a PFL mk3 one, but will happily take a later one if there are no PFL ones availble - I'll just need to get soldering. Thanks Rich
  6. RichardJ

    Breaking mk3

    Does it still have the cardbord boot floor corner panels - the bits that cover the holes in the sides of the boot leading into the rear quarter panels - and if so, how much? Cheers Rich
  7. Thanks Craig, If not, if anyone has some photos of the the support bits that connect the tray to the inner wing/chassis rail they can share, I could probably make something up from that.
  8. Hi all, I have a pattern battery tray I am aiming to fit, but need the support brackets that mount it to the inner wing. Does anyone have any for sale (with or without the battery tray itself)? I think they're the same across the mk3/4/5. Cheers Rich
  9. Thanks both, The Alfa 147 seats need a fair bit of metal work to properly fit, but I personally think that the retro 60's Italian style really suits the mk3. The Alfa has a similar size and shape centre console to the Cortina too, so they fit nicely around the Cortina one. I would definitely recommend them if you are ready for the hassle of the metalwork involved in getting them to fit. I really need to update this build blog, as although progress is slow, I have done a few more things to the car - including Hazard lights (cheers again, Craig 👍)
  10. Here's a quick top down shot of the centre cosole. It has good clearance from the seats all round.
  11. Yes, the centre console fitted nicely between the Alfa seats. I'll try and get you a picture later today of how the console looks.
  12. Thanks Craig, Fingers crossed....
  13. Hi, Bit of a long shot, but does anyone have the sub-loom piece for the hazard warning light on a Pre-facelift mk3? Any condition, as long as the switch connector is intact. I could probably recreate most of the loom, but the switch connector looks like it is unique to the model. Thanks Rich
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