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  1. Steve

    Rear axle mk1

    Thanks lads,Colins sorting it ,I just need a case lol Plenty of time to find one yet :thumbup:
  2. Steve

    Rear axle mk1

    Called Dale ,None to sell ,Thanks though Steve
  3. Steve

    Rear axle mk1

    Yes Colin told me that ,Was just hoping to save work Steve
  4. Steve

    Rear axle mk1

    Toe there wider mate ,Thanks though pal
  5. Steve

    Rear axle mk1

    Bump the one i had is scrap
  6. Steve

    mk2 cortina panels

    For the inner wheel arches ,Buy a pair of arches off ebay Much cheaper than £600
  7. Steve

    Rear axle mk1

    Have any of you chaps got a decent mk1 axle case ? Ihave one but its pitted ,I need to get it to Colin Ginn for an A frame Conversion ,Standard bare axle for an early car please Thanks
  8. Steve

    Mk1 GT Dash?

    About £150 ,With speedo and proper rev counter a lot more Painted :thumbup:
  9. Steve

    mk2 cortina panels

    Expressed ,On ebay ,The mk2 owners club And Dave^
  10. Steve

    A frame bits?

    Is there anyone that does A frame parts other than Colin Gin ?
  11. Steve

    mig welder

    It is a good unit the 135te Im keeping mine now for a spare :D
  12. Steve

    Wanted 1600e or gt

    Every time i sell a classic i get this exact question /Waffle through lolol
  13. Steve

    Wanted 1600e or gt

    Thought you was a trader Rob?
  14. Steve

    mig welder

    I have a used clarke 135 TE http://www.buysellcortina.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/64749-clarke-te-135-welder/page__fromsearch__1
  15. Steve

    Real GT....

    I wish mk1 wings and valances were that price ;)
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