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  1. ok mate no probs i think im sorted now anyways thanks all the same :thumbup:
  2. are the seat belts any good ? p&p to Devon? cheers
  3. mk1 super

    seat belts

    in my watch list :thumbup:
  4. mk1 super

    seat belts

    Hi anybody got a pair of static belts in good order pref black ?
  5. Hi All does anyone have any late door trim panel clips for MK1 i need a dozen. The club only seem to do early ones but the ones i need look like this . appologies for crappy pic but im guessing you all know what i mean. Cheers Ian
  6. Do you have a GT rev counter?
  7. mk1 super

    mk1 wipers

    have you got the wheel box as well? cheers
  8. mk1 super

    mk1 wipers

    :lol: help!!!!!! i need a complete drivers side wheel box for wipers plus wiper arm for my mk1must have good splines mine has disintegrated had to weld 2 small washers on to spindle sandwhiching arm in place it works but it aint pretty........doh
  9. what sort of prices are you asking ;)
  10. mk1 super

    Mk1 Bumpers

    ps forgot to say im not an oldie a very young 35 :o
  11. mk1 super

    Mk1 Bumpers

    i use my mk1 everyday for work which is a 60 mile round trip on a mixture of roads last 10 of which are on .ty muddy lanes its standard at the mo but is going to be modded ive had a few probs like last weekend fuel starvation prob was getting worse and ceased to be funny at 5.30 in the morn so had tank off to clean it out full of rust and holes tho it wasnt leaking til i cleaned it so cut the bottom off made a new one out of galanised tin welded it back on BE VERY CAREFUL sorted then fan belt snapped couldnt get one had one off pinto so used 2 alt brackets to take up slack, drive on ,now got proper one the point im making is that not all mk1 owners are fudy duddys any probs i get i have to fix somehow so spares shouldnt put people off im in owners club excellent spares backup as long as i can keep it on the road is the main thing wont please the spit and polish brigade but i imagine you will have them with any mk so go buy one and use it !!!! :o
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