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  1. After a set of 1500 pre xflow pushrods, thanks.
  2. escort21

    my mk1

    Its getting there, hopefully be in primer this week.
  3. Is the clutch plate on the correct way round or the outer sleeve on the cable is collasping
  4. 2" blocks on the back and escort or capri lowering springs on the front, depending on what poundage springs you get will determine how low it is. Coilover conversions are easy and cheap if you do it yourself, can adjust it to the height you want then.
  5. escort21

    my mk1

    It fits fine, I made my own top mounts though as it had far to much camber, its a trackday setup really
  6. escort21

    my mk1

    Long time no updates...because ive been busy! Back on its wheels, undersealed, All welding is done, alachi rack conversion done and nearly ready for bodywork :superman: Would put more pictures up but photobucket is being an . :rolleyes:
  7. You need a filter king pressure regulator of similar, electric pump wired into the ign on live side of the ignition switch. The pump needs to be high volume but doesn't need to be high pressure for a twin choke style carbs.
  8. escort21

    mk1 rear panel

    Mk1 rear panel and valence, second hand is fine, thanks :thumbup:
  9. Good work, i'm fitting full length strut tops from the mk1 club on mine at the moment, they dont fit very well, struggling if i'm honest, the wing rail seems to be straight rather than slightly curved and my wing wont fit properly unless I extend the rail on the wing, but it'll look crap when you open the bonnet. I'm definately a self taught amateur :thumbup: My car will be strong but it ain't a patch on your work :thumbup:
  10. From what I can remember been a while since I did a pinto but...... No1 piston at TDC and rotor arm pointing to No1 ignition lead, the two first cam lobes should be pointing at 10 and 2 o'clock and it'll be quite near :thumbup:
  11. How does the rear panel attach to the valance and boot floor? Mine seems to be attached with some sticky goo and its splitting apart :thumbdown:
  12. escort21

    my mk1

    Finished the passenger floor and splash panel, and the bottom of the drivers A post, thought i'd try and tackle the massive hole in the drivers top door pillar..... Its getting there, needs more work then tackle the same the other side, will it ever end.....
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