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  1. Thanks very much as ever for your help mate, its much appreciated indeed. If you do find them (and decide to let them go) ill no question take them, colour regardless :-) Thanks in advance and hope you are well. Kind Regards Russell.
  2. Bump. Anyone please? Admin would it be possible just to change the title to "MK5 Ghia Speaker Grilles" please? Thanks in advance. Kind Regards, Russell.
  3. What a gorgeous car - all the very best with the sale Pete.
  4. Cheers mate, much appreciated...will require a bit of investigation :-)
  5. Still require speaker grilles. Anyone please?? :-) Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi John, sincere thanks for that info, ill follow your lead :-) Kind Regards Russell.
  7. Hi there, trying to source a complete set of new MK5 2.3 Water hoses - any thoughts on where would be able to supply at all? Thanks in advance Kind Regards Russell.
  8. thanks for that mate, aye they are identical to the fronts, replacement 10 cm's all round and 4x speaker grilles will do the job nicely :-) How do the Grilles actiually fix on in the absence of having any I cant visualise how they will go. Doorcard off job to change the speakers? Thanks in advance. Kind Regards Russell.
  9. Excellent! Cheers Christina, much appreciated :-)
  10. Fantastic!! Thanks very much for the advice mate, appreciated as always - ill do just that :-) Fingers crossed on the Grilles :-) Actually needing 4 (though ill buy however many I can find until I have 4) as the rear doors have speakers too - cant recall if the Ghia got rear speakers or not or whether someone has added them - they are the same ones as in the front here: Be so glad to get back to how it ought to be!!! Thanks in advance mate - hope your keeping well? Kind Regards, Russell.
  11. Radio now sourced, just the speakers and grilles that are required. Many thanks, Kind Regards, Russell.
  12. Hi there, hope we are well. Im looking for a Ford SRT32P Stereo cassette for my Cortina and also the plastic speaker grilles and original Ford speakers. Can anyone help please? My interior is grey. Thanks in advance, Kind Regards, Russell.
  13. Im looking for a very very very nice standard MK5, preferably a GL, Ghia or Crusader - has to be a saloon (1600, 2000, 2300) and manual. Looked at 5 already..each one rotten to the core. Will I ever find a lovely MK5 again :( Cash waiting. Russell - 01383 822340 anglebox21@hotmail.com
  14. These photos are outstanding, most enjoyable to look through and gaze at the magnificent cars against the magnificent backdrops.
  15. Sounded a most eventful but thoroughly enjoyable (and memorable) trip :)
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