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  1. darren f

    mk5 bonnet

    anyone got a good straight and rust free bonnet for sale for a mk5 cortina pm me with price and location many thanks darren
  2. wasnt dave aka fkgls looking for one of these might be worth dropping him a pm in my neck of the woods if you want me to check out let me know
  3. darren f


    bump still looking for rear screen rubber
  4. darren f


    hi all while stripping car for paint i have broken front screen bronze so to avoid same on rear screen i cut it out so front windscreen req preferably bronze but clear would do me for now also rear screen rubber for mk5 cortina 1982 x reg anyone can help cheers darren
  5. hi steve could you find out what electronic ignition that the previous owner ran to save me buying a complete set up
  6. hi mate found the bits you need will try to send end of the month if thats any good mate
  7. I have got a set from a mk5 auto all steel if any good to you also got the box was a good box then i overfilled it ( idiot ) and it chucked all th fliud out so now fitted a manual box pm me
  8. hi mate i have a 2 litre auto prop if thats any good to you
  9. darren f

    wanted 1.6 Dizzy

    i have a motorcraft 1600 dizzy if thats any good to you cheers darren
  10. Hi, do you still have the four branch exhaust manifold?

    also i'm after a sump, a 1.6 points dizzy, a front crossmember and window seals in both front doors.

    any luck?

  11. hi steve thats alright buy all of the intereior then it will match😊
  12. Exhaust knackered mate tried getting of car and broke in severel places so its toast
  13. http://www.buysellcortina.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/67399-new-project/page__pid__612076#entry612076 some piccies on this tread hope it works
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