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  1. darren f

    mk5 bonnet

    anyone got a good straight and rust free bonnet for sale for a mk5 cortina pm me with price and location many thanks darren
  2. wasnt dave aka fkgls looking for one of these might be worth dropping him a pm in my neck of the woods if you want me to check out let me know
  3. darren f


    bump still looking for rear screen rubber
  4. darren f


    hi all while stripping car for paint i have broken front screen bronze so to avoid same on rear screen i cut it out so front windscreen req preferably bronze but clear would do me for now also rear screen rubber for mk5 cortina 1982 x reg anyone can help cheers darren
  5. hi steve could you find out what electronic ignition that the previous owner ran to save me buying a complete set up
  6. hi mate found the bits you need will try to send end of the month if thats any good mate
  7. I have got a set from a mk5 auto all steel if any good to you also got the box was a good box then i overfilled it ( idiot ) and it chucked all th fliud out so now fitted a manual box pm me
  8. hi mate i have a 2 litre auto prop if thats any good to you
  9. darren f

    wanted 1.6 Dizzy

    i have a motorcraft 1600 dizzy if thats any good to you cheers darren
  10. hi steve thats alright buy all of the intereior then it will match😊
  11. Exhaust knackered mate tried getting of car and broke in severel places so its toast
  12. http://www.buysellcortina.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/67399-new-project/page__pid__612076#entry612076 some piccies on this tread hope it works
  13. Hi all got a few bits for sale Full brown chatsworth interior formerly in the moose needs clean but in good order 1.6 pinto engine comes with everything smokey on start up we all know wot that is fitted with twln choke ran fine will need overhaul FULL JANSPEED EXHAUST INCLUDING FOUR BRANCH bit tatty but functional set of bronze glass minus the screen BREAKING CAR PM FOR ANY OTHER BITS YOU REQ and prices ALL PARTS FROM 79 MK5 CORTINA
  14. ive got a couple of spare dashboards if you want a cluster to experiment with one which I have taken some bits out of but speedo intact your more than welcome to it foc plus postage if that's any good cheers darren
  15. I am going to ask a stupid question but wot is the difference between a standard dash and an econlight dash
  16. hi mate got a pair of brown if that's any help
  17. cheer mate will pm you my mobly no are you far from Dartford tunnel might need a few other bits if you've got them
  18. Great stuff can you post or i am going to tonbridge in kent at the end of the month could pick up on the way if not to far out of my journey from norwich norfolk cheers darren
  19. wanted automatic cross member for 5 speed conversion or capri one would do at a pinch many thanks darren
  20. the backrest part of rear seat is shot along the top but plenty of good material will pm when outcheers Darren
  21. hi craig yep a frame type but no pads not out of the car yet should take out the weekend will let you know when there out
  22. hi all I have some early mk5 ghia seats and door cards in chocolate brown front seats good order rear base good front door cards ok rear shot free to who ever wants them a DONATION TO BSC WOULD BE GOOD CHEERS DARREN
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