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  1. Coz we buy cars that cost £500 and sell all the parts to restorers and enthusiasts, race them (usually having sold original engine for a song) on our reliable engines, smash them up and then sell axles and uprights, pedal boxes and brakes, we then fill the shell up with scrap and weigh it in for a couple hundred. It's called using your head. Unfortunately the blinkered among the classic car brigade (very few are on this site I hasten to add) seem to gloss over the fact that a) a lot of their parts come from us B) them buying a car and stripping it for bits and then weighing the shell in is no different to what we do except we get fun out of the car in between and bring joy to the thousands of people who watch bangers. c) if they don't weigh the shells in, the greedy buggers sell them to people like us just to make a few extra quid!! Funny how people's morals go out the window when there's pound notes involved
  2. Eagle eyed retro ford readers might recognise the yard?!
  3. Here's your chance to save a cortina rather than let the banger boys smash it up and all the thread is full of is 'wish I had the money' etc Banger blokes have got the money so no moaning when this gets raced!!!
  4. do u have any cortina ghia alloys?? if u do could u pm me??

  5. Sean

    1980 Mk5 2.0 Ghia

    Will match £500 - fiesta gone so need a project
  6. Not a problem mate, none taken whatsoever. Bear me in mind if anything comes up
  7. Should have read the whole thread! Didn't mean to take the . and offer when you've already said not for bangers.
  8. Good money paid, rolling shell or even just a shell. WHY 07843417844
  9. Well Miles is a banger racer so if he wanted to sell it to a racer he could. Not for that money though!!
  10. NOT ME SELLING THEM. AD COPIED FROM RACING FORUM. THIS IS ALL THE INFO GIVEN - CALL THE NUMBER. Pair of brand new MK5 tina wings never fitted or painted £75 each. 07961531358
  11. Sean

    Cortinas wanted

    Bump! Top money paid for shells/stripped cars
  12. Sean

    breaking mk4 saloon

    Sssh, dirty word. Have a chat with chip for parts for yours
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