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  1. stav

    Savage Est

    Hi, everyone just to let you know ive had 2 offers although slightly lower than i wanted,ive recently put it up on piston heads and car and classic all the small bits that needed doing are now done looks Fab.
  2. stav

    Savage Est

    Thanks Graham
  3. stav

    Savage Est

    BYC831J ,1970 MK2 EST,LAST 1 BUILT,OWNED BY JEFF UREN OVER 20 YEARS ,SILVER FOX,AUTO. based on the gt est ordered new in auto registered oct 1970. ive own the car 9/10 years payed 41/2k for it then spent over 30 on it, gen new panels fitted,fr wings,complete sills,4 doors @tail gate,fr/rear valance,headlight panels,slam @surport panels and many other bits. Engine rebuilt by vulcan,balance mild cam [v61] slightly mod heads and improved carburation,[dinoed gen 114@re wheels 152 at crank]which not silly but more importantly suits the auto very well,the car excellerates to 80 very quickly and tops about 120 and will sit at 100 alday ,she drives very well and the auto box c4 [rebuilt] is smooth as silk. interior,fr seats contor 6,new carpets,all new door cards,door glass,dash bits recromed,lotus clocks rebuilt by speedy cables and calabrated [v acerate]head linning,re trimmed st wheel,e.t.c Body is restored correctly with ford fit panels and not like a rollroyce as they were ,so not over restored,paint work was first done about 6/7years ago but i wasnt happy and was done again 4 years ago[window out e.t.c],hand painted coach line fantastic,engine bay same as factory,underneth all 3m black no patches very very tidy,every thing powder coated and clean as a new penny.you name it its been either refurbed or replaced new, Recently done whole car wax oiled again by speclist,all bits and bobs touched up inculding the underneth,fuel avapration problem now fixed ., Mods done by J.U new capri 3.09 diff fitted[to give it more legs v good mod]battery placed on the inner wing underfloor[so you have the full rear space]filterking fuel pump fitted. Mods done by me roller top mounts fittted,stainless exshalts fitted and thats that,every thing else is either a possible RaceProved option or standard. Reason for sale im just not driving her last year only 15miles this year driven once by my mate to the E nationals,ive got just to many cars inculding 3 savage est,1 2dr gt savage that stu b 123 is doing a fantastic job,ive got 4 triumph pi inc mk1 est and saloon[est v v rare]dont laugh but there great cars and my family love going out in them,counsel gt[sweeny]needs every thing doing,and very recently the higest spec xpack mk3 capri built, Car is T@T and will come with a complete service a 1 years new mot.,and massive history file. Price well read the above recently a nice E version sold for 15ish this is far better and rarer, J.U own car last 1 built you can either pm me or call steve 07885 874566
  4. my sAVAGE estate is very very near to completion and after nearly five years of endless hassle and dissapointment the car looks fantastic all i need to finish is these rear quater window rubbers would prefer new [old] or failling that very good used can any one help? ill pay good money.
  5. stav

    wanted sales broucher

    ILL be looking for as much stuff i can get would prefer new if possible.kind regards
  6. stav

    wanted sales broucher

    Fantastic ill buy all youve got,cheers
  7. stav

    wanted sales broucher

    That would be very good cheers
  8. Hi, everyone what im after is a sales broucher that has the Consul GT in it ,ive just brought one and would need pictures and specs e.t.c to aid the restoration im willing to pay good money so please help.
  9. stav

    Savage 3000E

    For sale genuine what raceproved called the 3000E fitted with o/d twin tanks e.t.c aqatic jade 2 prevous owners. This car needs restoring but there is no rust[or very very little] been off road 27 years always garaged owned by me 7years all panels are rust free and straight this is not the usual 40yr old rubbish i promise,Ihave all the uren paper work. Car comes with 1.Brand new contour seats [travaler type] 2.Dunlop wheels 3.new air filter uren copy 4.complete badge set 5.new back lights,top rubber mounts,refurb str wheel and other bits witch i cant remmber 6.All that is needed is a good bonnet This car is being sold to make more room [i have 9 cars in a 7 car garage]this weekend i brought a Consul GT [sWEENY ][i might sale a 3000E capri also] and not because i need the money. Im looking to sell to some one from the mk2 or E club i know because i would like to see her when shes finished i will not sale the car to a dealer or some one abroad or any one trying make a quick buck. Price on application steve 07885 874566
  10. Shame i didnt know you i gave a very good set away about 6 years ago to golderndays ford spares in norwich i was just pleased to get rid?
  11. stav

    mk1 gt convertable

    Says you ,when you openly condone reshelling and have amitted doing them yourself ,that is certainly the pot calling the kettle. yes i dont have aproblem with reshelling if a shell is beyond repair,and yes i have done them,BUT i do have a problem with someone openly trying to sell a car as something its not for profit ,so its got nothing to do with reshelling so why bring that into it also this is not a reshell or a crayford.you yourself wont sell savage badges to anyone unless they can prove its genuine and rightly so,if i stick a v6 in a mk2 and advertise it on ebay as a savage is that ok with you.i thought you of all people would condem this not have a pop at me. But youd still call the car a savage afterwards so whats the differance.,a part from this mk1 gt is or isnt a Crayford.
  12. stav

    mk1 gt convertable

    Fair comment !! i don't agree 100% but if you do own a crayford the market for re-sale is much smaller and the margins are really very small. It all depends on condition and build quality. Like wise this mk1 would be worth more with a roof on and so would a mk2 gt 2 door would in my opinion be worth more than your crayford and i do know of another v6 crayford, but the engine etc is a savage conversion so that makes it a ford cortina gt crayford savage !!!!! Well yes thats right i had a call from a lady in Wales asking about this car and if i could help with the history and orginality and unfortantly i cant ,but there are members on this web site that can that have owned it or know about it that wont help her so whats that all about,It leaves me in a difficult position regarding badges and other stuff.
  13. stav

    mk1 gt convertable

    Says you ,when you openly condone reshelling and have amitted doing them yourself ,that is certainly the pot calling the kettle.
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