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  1. Thanks yeah the thing is mental :icecream: Mits engine is good tho :cheers:
  2. Thanks for comments, the colour hasn't got a name. I think it's called Red 69. On the Vin tag the paint code is BN. I can't wait to drive it again, It's been a few years now. Cheers Pete. :cheers:
  3. Just a update and progress on my car so far. All painted,mopped and polished and started fitting back together.A few more jobs to do. Hope to be at Enfield Pagent next year. Pete.
  4. Thanks for the comments,sounds like you have the same problem as I had. What I did was wet flatted the affected panels first,cleaned down with brake disc cleaner,then with Wurth silicone remover, and lastly panel wipe. I presume you are using 2K paint, you can get silicone additive to put in the paint. I've used this, and sorts the problem out. Pete :cheers: .
  5. Update on progress so far Due to helping my mate work on his Sunbeam Tiger which from a rear arch repair bottom corner turned into a major rebuild! It look ok before we started. This put me back the first part of the year, but now the Cortina is finally in paint. Had a nightmare with silicones. I think due to autoglym super resin polish I used a few years back,it's a right to remove it all. Pete.
  6. PM sent Baz :cheers:
  7. Looking good mate :thumbup:
  8. Yes that's right October 2001 issue.
  9. Thanks for posting photos Neale, Thanks Graham, yes your right, but it needed doing. Cheers Pete.
  10. I would like to get it back on the road again, enjoy it for a little while, but will sell it in the end. Pete.
  11. Update on progress of my MK2 as it has been ages since last posting. I have done away with the 4 link, and put back on leafs (Escort MK2 1500lb) and made up tramp bars and mounts and softer springs on front, to make it a bit more easy going on me! Also strenghend both chassis rails over axle, welded bars on boot as there has been a bit of flexing in the rear of the car. If you are going to use 4 link setup the car needs to be full caged. I have repaired the rear wing, and other bits on the shell ready for repaint soon. Pete. Will post up some photos tomorrow.
  12. It's good to see you are getting on with your car. My engine sits in about the same position as yours about inch off the bulk head, I placed my intercooler under the slam panel and cut holes for the pipe work in the rad panels and the rad sits in the original position. Serc Marsden made the rad and intercooler. A cheaper way to do it is to get two 2wd coolers place one on top of the other and fabricate two longer ends, this has the same capacity as a 500 one. I didn't have to cut the shell to much as it is a auto car and has a wider trans tunnel. Cheer Pete.
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