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  1. been told on another site thier rare cwr early alfa gt wheels made in italy even badges rare oh what heck look nice on cortina,wanted set off wide sports wheels but stupid money every set miles away
  2. want car to original so bought these bad boys mexico copies off the day.ford centre caps nearly fit i will find a way
  3. needs a good clean under the bonnet dug out my manuals lol.
  4. i going against the grain i like the orange very nice car
  5. is it the same as what i got in my car,as am takeing it out.its a after thought not needed,get pics when take it out tommorror if you are intrested
  6. back on track got rubber hammer hit steering wheel till column at top,bing fixed happy bunnie
  7. yes craig very close to the frame rubbing on it,just one step foward 2 back lol,i will sort it one way or other,
  8. abslute pain to fit,had to screw cluster back to the dash,dident think was go back,steering wheel had cut plastic shroud down bit to big,notice steering colum was lose tighten it up and now steering lock doesent lock and ign switch jamed on the lock postion ready throw the towel in lol,have have good look tommorror miffed,had to walk away lol
  9. put steering wheel in colum was lose now steering doesent lock and jamed in the lock postion as ing barrel moved its a mk5 am miffed
  10. yes got a 4 spoke one on its way,get rid off the small one back to basics
  11. added another fiver to value lol,took sticker off dash back to normal spec waiteing on steering wheel put it back on,inside done just going get it valeted
  12. love colour very bright is it rosso red,
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