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  1. Am not 100 percent yet,I been offered another car,but it facelift car lol,but 2000e and it's a auto,and your miles away
  2. Brill are you going to restore the car,you can't beat 2000e here pic off mine
  3. What are wooden door top like,
  4. Never to old it's the cars keeps us young,looks fun car good luck with it,restro mod lol,
  5. Theirs gold mk3 on club fb one owner one early one go have look
  6. To far to collect if you can post it have it,thanks offer
  7. There green mk3 in mk3 club on face book its restro one looks solid good one to do up,have look might be what your after
  8. Seen them on eBay etc seem miss them,got headlights just need grill
  9. Seen them on eBay etc seem miss them,got headlights just need grill
  10. Just lovely hope finds good home,shame heart goes out to family,
  11. its not old estate that had benchseats and colum shift was 1600 super
  12. probaly bangered my m8 bangered loads in 80s and 90s,but you never know might be cocooned in lock up some were
  13. can only ask lol,mines bit faded ,looking on ebay none turn up,can only ask want nice set,
  14. cheers tib feel ebay moment
  15. got new mk1 escort fusebox are they same dig it out look at one on my car see if its the same,
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