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  1. retro toe

    mk3 cortina xl nos wheel trims

    thier 3 still in there box and one 2nd hand one on ebay
  2. got it on ebay straight as die got all its clips screw holes good one
  3. retro toe

    Cloud Interior

    very nice almost blue,
  4. retro toe

    Cloud Interior

    is this cloud interior ?
  5. retro toe

    mk3 cortina quad headlight set up

    its start have them if pm details send cash plus postage,
  6. retro toe

    mk3 cortina quad headlight set up

    i know might upset few poeple like 4 headlight set up,its not like am chopping bodywork up,just like look off early front end,so as anyone got set up,
  7. retro toe

    Bog standard mk3 cortina wheels hudcap type

    Cheers consul thanks
  8. Got them on eBay put pics up later any good to any one
  9. Do still have mk3 gt grill headlights for sale 

  10. retro toe

    Cortina wanted

    Looking at on eBay couldn't make mine up if was deluxe or super,if was super missing it wheel arch trims and trims around back lights,nice interior though,went mk3 cause got 2 litre want something could go down motorway
  11. retro toe

    Cortina wanted

    No it's gold shaped like coke bottle mk3 2000e
  12. retro toe

    Cortina wanted

    Sorted picking it up in 2 weeks can't Waite
  13. retro toe

    Cortina wanted

    right escort went this morning on hunt lol,
  14. retro toe

    Cortina wanted

    Sold escort want cortina prefer mk1 to mk3 want one needs be on road looking not in rush as want good one,
  15. retro toe

    MK2 2 door Gt wanted

    early 1500gt lhd in preston on ebay.