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  1. cheers graig and consul that helps thanks again
  2. i know its not cortina part if breaks admin fair enougth so mk1 granada petrol tank wanted
  3. had one same spec had same seats throw them way,as dave cortina.com sold me set off blue seats out off hyundia stella look dogs,sold it to tam on here sure he still got it,mine was rat rod looked rough was solid rember bodie on here haveing one the same lovely car should easy find good home tam fully restored i and put a 2 litre and 5 speed gearbox in when i hadit had good old xflow 4 speed
  4. i think 10k plus car innerwings look perfect try replace it,looks a stunner seen 1300 deluxe on ebay 10k and it sold good colour to my advise stick on ebay with classfied ad and it will sell,good ones always do,
  5. my son went on one been on lockdown he got cabin fever,wouldent mind but he 30
  6. better buying good one as they hold thier valaue and the body parts are getting very hard to find,sold mine made few quid on top,cost you more restoreing one and a good solid one will always sell,sold mine in 3 days for full asking price,supply and demand you might get lucky all the best in your quest.here pic off mine old one could sold it over and over still getting emails,
  7. mike there on the way m8 posted them this morning
  8. got these on ebay,been told that capri lights fit straight in original mk3 backing plates ?,gave up trying to find decent grill even bought headlights ring hopeing one would turn up with them missing,
  9. Yes true I been London and Scotland buy car I want,not so bad now with wrapsap get good pics,car been offered in my home town and that doesent happen much to me lol,
  10. Am not 100 percent yet,I been offered another car,but it facelift car lol,but 2000e and it's a auto,and your miles away
  11. Brill are you going to restore the car,you can't beat 2000e here pic off mine
  12. Never to old it's the cars keeps us young,looks fun car good luck with it,restro mod lol,
  13. Theirs gold mk3 on club fb one owner one early one go have look
  14. To far to collect if you can post it have it,thanks offer
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