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  1. havent used mine found out the insurance out,but i look at like this,would be happy with out a classic ford and answer is no,i look it as my hobbie and thier getting hard to find and expinsive,so i look at them now as a investment and am going insure it today and take it for spin,just get the other boot painted and bodywork back to original spec
  2. makes me want a mk2 again very nice
  3. my neighbour she valets cars for a living did my interior what a difference carpets come up like new,seats look brill sticker in back window and ready to go am going to start useing old girl get rid off boot spoiler got another boot get repainted
  4. been on holiday only thing i bought is this dealer stickers lol,tax disc holder will have tax in post,sadgit i know used love the show
  5. they suit the car period correct
  6. reading way out on my mk5 its got a 5 speed and 1600 pinto whats best cable to use
  7. wow me likes just like going back in time just lovely.its 80s again
  8. mines oppisite worked its way up north from london nice looking motor,peacocks off balham belive it or not it was dealership that hattie jakes bought her mk1 cabs from in film carry on cabbie lol,
  9. got its golden ticket and some guy at mot station trying to buy it,well happy drives like a champ.
  10. been a mad one,was going be moted about 2 week ago,but my daughter caught covid had self isolate for 10 days so missed my slot.but after 10 days lad weiled it up what a job,cut out all the rot spliced sill in,and made panel for innerwing cut rot out weiled it in,had on ramp and i think got bit off a gem,the floor and boot and innerwings just how it left factory,my skoda brakes need doing am in two minds fix it,so am going mot to next it week as the failure sheet ran out,and use it till i get another daily runner,am going fully restore it next year couple off bits that need doing.put load sump oil in the doors lol,try keep them rot free
  11. took it for mot it failed on 2 bits off welding on end off the sill bit on the innerwing and bulb booked in weds get welded,
  12. wipers will run the wrong way lol
  13. i know bloke who bought it on bangers and cash he got my auto one,5k hike sure it made 10 on bangers and cash
  14. put new plugs ht leads dizzy cap rota arm and sports coil rerouted heater pipe inline filter rerouted petrol pipe,kn filter new fuel pump proper throtle cable,seem lot more happier won set off centre caps and a spare wheel dident relise shes out off mot so book it in next week,2 weeks out lol
  15. should be normal ciol or ballast one
  16. been in my lock up found these 4 ones different and 3 others one got its clips missing so need 3 off the odd one or two off the otherones lol
  17. couldent live with the black number plates anymore so i put original back one on and new front one
  18. looked in two books to give different reading my car mk5 cortina with 5j wheels with 175/13 one saying 20 psi other 23psi front and back baffled
  19. got these cheap with excellent tyres been nicely refurb i know only 5js but do for now,had nice set off trims in my loft and bought new nuts bad news my centre caps are missing thier clips dope,
  20. be worth it when your driveing it a class motor
  21. might found set in my town believe or not my son works with a builder said he got a set he took off capri anyway put set brake pads in the front as they were knackered was going change the dics but thier fine,put pad on ds side bit low now its level must be petrol tank,
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