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  1. ChrisNZ

    Mk1 GT Dash?

    Anyone interested in this? No idea what its worth. Cheers
  2. ChrisNZ

    Mk4 Choke cable

    Does anyone have a mk4 choke cable for a 1.6? These freezing mornings aren't going so well. Thanks
  3. ChrisNZ

    "Cortina 1.6"

    Yeah maybe I will try the autosol and sand paper. I can't not have badges. Thanks for the reply
  4. ChrisNZ

    "Cortina 1.6"

    Hey the Cortina 50 year anniversary meet in NZ is next month so I went and got my badges rechromed. They're now f*#ked. Any chance someone has some nice badges preferably new Cortina and 1.6 for a Mk4, i.e with pins. Cheers
  5. ChrisNZ


    Does anyone have a manifold to suit a 2.0 pinto with 45 dellortos? Looking for one that doesn't require modification of the battery tray.
  6. ChrisNZ

    Mk4 Chrome Grill

    *Bump* They are all sold and discontinued, despite having an auction. Still looking.. Only one place in New Zealand chromes plastic and it costs a few hundred dollars plus double postage.
  7. ChrisNZ

    Tan vinyl for Mk4

    My driver's seat has split on the bum, and the upholsterer cant match anything. Does anyone know where to get any tan vinyl? (trim code:0) Thanks!
  8. ChrisNZ

    Mk4 Chrome Grill

    Looks good, any idea on the quality..? Wish they didnt have a cartoon drawing lol
  9. ChrisNZ

    Mk4 Chrome Grill

    Thanks for the offer but if I can I would perfer chrome as it looks alot sharper.. second hand doesn't really bother me as long as its nice. Pretty sure only Ghia had the chrome ones.. Can the grills be chrome dipped?
  10. ChrisNZ

    Mk4 Chrome Grill

    There seems to be a few cars but no parts.. Everything you find is second hand and getting tired. Can't even buy alot of things, even as simple as gaskets. Panels,glass and in interior are always second hand except for carpet..
  11. ChrisNZ

    Mk4 Chrome Grill

    Hey, I'm looking for a mk4 grill with a chrome lip, preferably new and with a badge. I would like to have a fresh face on my car as i've got new paint, new lenses, bumpers real nice too.. just missing the grill. I also live in New Zealand so parts rarely show up over here. Thanks
  12. ChrisNZ

    Mk4 Stickers

    Thanks guys, I'll have to give them a call and find out which ones came with the car stock.
  13. ChrisNZ

    Mk4 Stickers

    Hey I'm looking for some reproduction stickers for a Mk4 Cortina. Theres one on the cam belt cover and this one for sure but not sure where else.
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