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  1. paulsv24

    My new Tina

    Hello Ron, Thought I'd come on here and have a little look around, wow!!!! that'll be a bloody fast car now, really glad and pleased you're looking after COO, keep the pics coming!! :thumbup: I'm now having fun on my new Mini!! (and hitting my head each time on the little bonnet! :tears:
  2. Hi Paul, Many thanks for the compliments, it's a shame in a way but if it doesn't sell you never know I might be parked up with you at the next show!! :cheers:
  3. Thank you, I'll add that in on the advert. :thumbup:
  4. That's the car! Yeah I bought the Ghia interior from Jim and changed it.
  5. If anyone would be interested, I'm thinking of selling my Ford Cortina MK5 1600L saloon. I've owned it for six years and have carried out or had loads of work completed on it. It's had a few modifications such as Ghia interior, Alloy wheels (refurbished diamond cut), alloy front hubs, five speed gearbox, Genuine Ford spotlights, CD player, power steering and a Thatcham Cat 1 alarm/immobiliser complete with remote controlled locking/unlocking. The bodywork is in great condition for a Cortina of this age having renewed many panels ie. wings, boot lid,sills, rear lower valance, it has very few small patches of rust but nothing deep/easily repairable. Mechanically, I've renewed the distributor complete with electronic ignition, new carburettor with a Weber twin choke, all front suspension has been polybushed (Superflex bushes) and front crossmember painted also polybushed rear void bushes, front and rear shock absorbers were renewed within the time of owning it. It's just had a new battery, clutch and clutch pedal quadrant fitted and the gearbox oil has been changed too. It has covered just 41,161 miles. It comes with loads of paperwork dating back and including the purchase sale, most MOT sheets and repairs/parts. It's currently on SORN as I haven't used it during the winter and has an MOT until July 2015. I've got it for sale elsewhere but I would prefer someone on here to purchase it as I'd prefer it go to someone who loves Cortinas. I would like £3000 ONO. Thank you for looking.
  6. Just having a think about this, have you checked the carb float level is correct as it might be set too low or float perforated??
  7. Haven't been on here that much this year but hopefully the Cortina will have more time spent on it next year and I'll be back on here more. Happy Christmas to all on here. Have a good, safe Christmas. :cheers:
  8. Stunning, lovely shine :winner:
  9. I'll try it when it's warm and also try resetting the clutch pedal. Many thanks for your answers. :thumbup:
  10. Hi all, I have a bit of a technical question for all you clever ones out there. My Cortina MK5 is now on SORN and tucked away in the garage for the winter as we're both on a saving thing at the moment due to a job change and I just couldn't part with it so it'll be back out in April but just before I put it away I started to have a little difficulty in engaging first gear. I found that if I put my foot on the clutch and waited about two or three seconds it went into gear OK but if I didn't wait and just tried it wouldn't go at first. I've discovered that when it is having trouble engaging, if I lean a little harder on the gear stick the car starts creeping forward gradually like clutch drag. It's got a type 9 gearbox in it and the clutch biting point seems perfectly normally placed. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas please? Thanks Paul
  11. That's great, many thanks for the info. I'll get in touch with him. The car just passed it's MOT but had a couple of advisories this time.
  12. Can anyone recommend a good quality bodyshop/painter in the Essex area please. I've got some rust coming through and want to get it done soon. thank you Paul
  13. We've just come back from our holiday and all in all I spotted a MK1 in the distant, a MK5 and this lovely MK3!!
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