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  1. You’ll get there. Can’t remember how many solutions I tried but worked out in the end. Keep up the good work
  2. Good work! Will keep checking on progress 👍
  3. Looking really good!
  4. Good job chinkamon 👍 I’m sure the rain will stop to let you out sometime 🌪 Long haul but worth it
  5. Haven’t been on here for a long time. Just catching up with what’s happening in the Cortina world and browsed back through the build thread. Car out and about but not as often as I’d like.
  6. That'll be a good car to see out on the road. My 63 had been butchered and a poor resto so I decided not to go for standard. Would never have messed with a good original. Re wiring is wise, didn't want to have no fuses. Window seals from Mk1 Owners club
  7. Hi chinkamon I'm sad, I just enjoy the whole build thing :rolleyes: Every car kept on the road or put back on the road is great to see. I made the loom but used a Rebel fuse panel. The number plate must have fallen off after the MOT :oops: Replacement one was made by a local sign maker - back one is standard though :angel_not: What stage is your car at?
  8. Avoiding the salty roads but took it to get mapped in November. Was running ok but much sweeter after that :thumbup: 188 BHP and 158 lb/ ft
  9. Finished at last and now seen daylight :thumbup: :car: What now??? On the road -
  10. Haven't been near the car for a long time. Decided to get a push on and hope to go to a local show this weekend. Boot seal on and finished small jobs. Still needs to be mapped properly as it's just on a basic map and not good enough. Try for MOT tomorrow and first outing on Saturday :car: Maybe daylight photo to follow
  11. That's great - thanks. Will get East Kent and try to figure it out. :thumbup:
  12. Thanks guys. The pics are helpful - it's clear the original is very different profile to the one supplied by Owners club. Looked at East Kent trim and theirs seems to be the same as the one I have. Any idea if I can get one similar to original? Cheers. This is one of the last things needing done - at this rate it'll be the same as Cortina GT :shocking: bought it a couple years back
  13. Trying to fit a Mk1 Owners Club supplied boot seal. If anyone has fitted this it would be helpful to see photos or to have help/ advice about how it fits. Profile is not obvious :headscratch: Thanks
  14. Hi Perry. I've got the type9, don't use the dual mass flywheel but use the Mondeo 1.8 Zetec flywheel. Get it re-drilled to suit a Pinto clutch and use that. It lives and breathes for the first time in 4 years :icecream: :showoff: :cheers: Basic map in the Emerald ECU and just balanced the throttle bodies. Fired up first go, very very relieved and happy :!: Sounds awesome Very short clip of the first run.
  15. Thanks very much guys - I'll o with them :thumbup:
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