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  1. Im selling my cortina project i just dont have the time to do anything with it Its a dove grey 1.6l with mot till October 2019 it was on the road till December but i pulled the engine out to fit a 2.9 v6 in it Ive sold the 1.6 pinto n 4 speed It doesn't need any welding but does need a respray its had a bad respray about a year or so ago Anyway the car with no engine or box £2000 ono Has 4 new Bridgestone tyres on powered coated steels to You could fit a pinto back in and have a car ready to use i upgradeed the brakes to new vented discs n new cailpers done 20 miles List of parts ill only sell once the car is sold incase who ever wants the car wants the parts to ive 2 2.9 engines ones auto with a auto box no loom or ecu Ones manual with 2.8 flywheel and loom and ecu 2 sets of v6 engine mounts Auto gearbox cross member Full v6 power steering set up Gls non recaro trim n door cards 2.3 axle 2.3 auto radiator V6 clocks got 3 sets of these 2.3 prop Full gls Centre console on grey Can email photos n im from Saltburn near Middlesborough

    Mk5 cortina estate project and load of rare spares

    No longer for sale
  3. Ive a good 2.8 auto box with cortina shifter toque converter flex plate etc basically complete ive a cortina auto pedel box to £200

    Mk3/4/5 1.6 or 2.0 rad

    Ive a very good 1.6 one im going v6 open to offers on it

    Big list of mk5 parts wanted

    Here goes big list of parts needed Estate pass rear light Full grey center console Gls recaros gls gl doorcards n estate rear seat to match 2.0 pinto 5 speed box Lowering springs Pinto engine bay wirring loom Number plate lights Pass wing I think that's it

    Big list of mk5 parts wanted

    Only looking for gls recaros now
  7. After been in America a 4 cyl just isn't what i want ive a mate with a 2.9 n box so need some mounts etc if any one got any thing

    2.3 mounts prop n axel for a v6 conversion

    All found now thanks

    Big list of mk5 parts wanted

    Hi how much i think ive found a engine n box but worth a ask

    Big list of mk5 parts wanted

    Yeah there to much at 450
  11. got a few bits for sale cortina front subrame missing steering rack £100 everything else is there 2.0 pinto out of a 2.0 capri £150 good runner 5 speed pinto box £50 rs 4 spokes £50 and breaking a 2.0 full capri

    full gls recaro trim vgc

    now on ebay

    full gls recaro trim vgc

    ive agreed a price on my cortina so thats sold subject to been picked up but he didnt want the gls trim so the trim is for sale on its own its everything 2 vgc front seats with ford subframes good rear seat all 4 doorcards carpet / center consol and lower a post panels all in matching dark grey open to offers on it ill get a few pics up tomorrow when i take it out the car

    full gls recaro trim vgc

    i sold 2 pairs earlyer in year both very ruff tbh one set went for £110 and other set without runners went for £80 so id say for such a full good trim £250 a good price tbh

    full gls recaro trim vgc

    im shocked at how little interest this trim is getting tbh this has be one rarist and utter cool mod for a cortina

    full gls recaro trim vgc

    yeah ill sell the doorcards on there own £250 :rolleyes: id be silly to split such a rare trim up as for doorcards they where done before i brought the trim i have the speakers that fill the holes and been done very well and will be inc it didnt really bother me as i like some music in the car im in saltburn teesside near middlebrough

    full gls recaro trim vgc

    heres a few pics

    full gls recaro trim vgc

    he wants to fit a sierra saff cossy trim in the car as for price i dont no i paid £250 for it 5 or 6 years ago and not seen another set for sale im going to my grage this afternoon so ill get some pics up

    cortina mk5 2.0 gls recaro trim etc

    thinking of selling my cortina as it just sits in grarge year after year and its shame its 1.6l i got it 7 years ago with 38k on clock used it daily for 3 years and then cam belt snaped so put a new crate 2.0 205 pinto in with new webber carb and a 5 speed box it was in need or pair of wings to dew to dents not rust tbh wernt that bad but though id have the car resparyed to make it mint but never got round to it and its sat in garage ever snice its got one of the best bodys of a cortina ive ever seen only ever had 2 tiny patches on rear sills ever never even been undersealed sill white on the underside its got a vgc gls recaro trim fitted to in vgc its also lowered 2 inch all round its got loads spares in boot inc new head lights ball joints brake hoses all sorts really any interest ? i need get some pics of it as it is now but heres it on road 4 years ago
  20. no i think id be silly to sell a headrest on its own
  21. ive got raise some money after buying a mint mk3 escort xr3i and was going sell the cortina but though maybe partly strip of its rare and very nice items for now and then i can rebuild it in future anyway its got a near mint gls recaro trim full trim in dark grey open to offers but i aint going give it away 2nd is a 2.0 pinto 205 block its a inj crate engine thats done 5000 miles its been fitted with a new carb insted of the injection setup its got a nearly new 32/36 webber carb with black powercoated inlet manifold i think this is worth every penny of £350 and 3rd is a nearly new mk2 granada 2.8i front spoiler £100
  22. no interest in a gls trim :headscratch: im shocked

    pinto exhuast manifold to front pipe clamp bracket thing

    anyone its last bit i need to bolt it all together and mot the car
  24. im after the clmap/ bracket thing that holds the front pipe on to the manifold for a std cortina mk5 im sure capri the same

    Wanted Mk5 Parts

    i ordered one from there a few months ago and got a email saying out of stock and dont no when will get any more in they might have them now though