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  1. owdgit

    Rostyles wanted

    messages says you cannot take messages ??? 1 mile off m6 J23
  2. owdgit

    Rostyles wanted

    I have a set of 5 5 1/2 j needing restoration collection only from the northwest £80
  3. as the title I am looking for a right hand UK offside radiator support panel thanks Owdgit
  4. would you pm me the price, and could it be posted regards Owdgit
  5. Hi all, I am looking for the metal part of the dashboard that holds the vinyl one to the car for a series 2 GT or 1600E thanks Owdgit
  6. I have a set of black seats from an early 2 door Lotus mark 2, which I think are the same as late mark 1's, I am sure someone will correct me if I am wrong. From memory the drivers seat has 2 damaged sections one on the shoulder area and one on the seat base,and the rear base has a small hole size of a cig burn. Where are you I am near Wigan. Owdgit
  7. owdgit

    4 Speed Gear Knob

    check underneath the knob there is probably a locking ring
  8. Mark I think I have a steering box and standard arms will check and get back to you Peter
  9. Hi Andrew location is WN48XJ. near Wigan. Owdgit :argue:
  10. owdgit

    rollover jig

    Hi John I will have the jig off you I will contact you to arrange a pickup regards Owdgit :argue:
  11. Hi I have a set of series 1 seats which from memory the back seat and passenger seat were good and the driver seat needed some repair, I might have other trim but have not looked for a while,I am in the northwest near Wigan if you are interested. Owdgit :argue:
  12. Hi can you get a picture and price for rear jacking point assembly LH ref 406509 thanks Peter
  13. owdgit


    I have a quickfit 70 aftermarket vinyl roof kit which says on the box is tan I would say it is a mid brown colour, the glue with it was solid so I threw that away so all that's left is the vinyl measuring 6ft 6ins x 4ft 7 1/2ins and a 1 page how to fit it. I also have a dark browm one measuring 5ft x 4ft 3 1/2 ins, pm me if you are interested in any of these cheers Owdgit :argue:
  14. owdgit

    Mk2 Parts wanted

    Hi Mark I have a set of seats from an early mark 2 Lotus in black, from memory the back seat and passenger seat are OK the drivers seat needs a repair on the shoulder near the window. I think I have a gearbox as well condition unknown. If you are interested PM me, I am in the Wigan area. :argue:
  15. owdgit

    mk2 struts

    I have a pair of reconditioned early standard mark 2 struts available £50 plus post let me know if you are interested Owdgit :argue:
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